top 7 products with SPF for sensitive skin


Cosmetologists and dermatologists assure that SPF products on the face and exposed areas of the body should be used all year round, and in the summer, if you are outside, also reapply every two to three hours. However, for those with very sensitive or allergy-prone skin, this is a real challenge. Many creams and lotions protect against ultraviolet radiation, but often irritate the face, followed by rashes, inflammation, or irritation. In this case, dermatocosmetologist Victoria Gonaruk advises to pay attention to the compositions and avoid the presence of parabens, strong preservatives, fragrances, as well as ingredients that can cause individual intolerance (for example, there is an allergy to aloe, which is often added to Sanskrins). A cosmetologist or our selection will help you choose the right product. We have collected new products and bestsellers with the lightest textures and hypoallergenic ingredients.

Day face cream SPF50 Pure White, EISENBERG

Pure White SPF 50, EISENBERG contains no mineral oils and fragrances, only UV filters, perennial daisy extract, vitamins E and C. The product is suitable for all skin types, including those prone to allergies; protects against negative environmental influences, normalizes water-lipid balance and leaves a light glow on the face. And the main thing is the texture, it is very light and is suitable for both heat and make-up base.

Price: 6649 rub.

Face cream SPF50, Caudalie

Natural formulations are the main feature of all Caudalie products. The main ingredient in the face sunscreen (there are two options – SPF 50 and SPF 30) is organic grape water, which moisturizes and soothes sensitive skin. Another plus of the product is a biodegradable formula that does not harm the environment.

Price: 1600 rub.

Anti-stress face cream SPF15 Hydra Zen Neurocalm, Lancome

Look for Lancome’s anti-stress cream SPF15 Hydra Zen Neurocalm, designed for very sensitive and dehydrated skin. The composition is impressive: glycerin, dimethicone and caprylil-dicol have moisturizing and protective properties; peony and cocoa extracts tone and soften.

Price: 4850 rub.

Face cream with nano-particles SPF30 Silky Bronze, Sensai

Silky Bronze cream, Sensai is suitable for both women and men. Its main feature is a complex of anti-aging ingredients that deeply moisturize the skin and prevent photoaging. The texture should also be noted: it is very pleasant and light.

Price: 6800 rub.

Mist-milk for face and body Sunny, Payot

The novelty in the Payot solar line contains vitamins E and C, sunflower extract, as well as a complex based on rosehip extract, coconut oil and sea buckthorn, which enhances the effect of protective filters.

Price: 1799 rub.

Toning fluid for the face SPF50 Anthelios Shaka, La Roche-Posay

Anthelios Shaka, La Roche-Posay is suitable even for skin prone to sun allergies. The product will protect from all types of sunlight, as well as give the face a light golden tint. Ideal for urban weekdays and for the beach.

Price: 1700 rub.

Face cream SPF50, Avene

Thanks to its natural composition based on thermal water, the cream is suitable even for children. Its feature is not only protective, but also healing properties. It is not for nothing that some dermatologists recommend the remedy after surgery or cosmetic procedures.

Price: 1600 rub.