Wet look, high bun and three more perfect beach hairstyles from bloggers


Hair styling for the beach should be, firstly, comfortable – it should be comfortable to swim, sunbathe, play beach baseball with it. Secondly, it is resistant so that you do not have to straighten the strands after swimming or strong winds. And, finally, thirdly, beautiful (nobody canceled a selfie in a swimsuit!). BeautyHack.ru has chosen hairstyle options that meet all these rules. And I also picked up tools that will help create styling in a maximum of five minutes.

Wet hair effect and curls

Blogger Valentina Ferragni’s favorite styling will be relevant both for the beach and for an evening out. To repeat it is very simple: apply a product to create the effect of wet hair or regular gel on the hair (from roots to middle), then use your hands or a comb-comb to comb the hair back, and beat the strands from the middle to the ends with your hands to get beach waves. Also, stepping back about 10 cm from the roots, you can apply a foam to the hair to create curls and then secure the styling with a light spray for fixing.

High beam

Valentina Ferragni’s older sister Chiara Ferragni loves high buns. And we understand it, this is the simplest and easiest installation of all possible. Gathering your hair back, make a high ponytail, and from it a bun. To keep the hairstyle, use as many invisibles as possible. Apply gel or spray to the hair roots.

High bun with ribbon

A high bun can be decorated with a bright ribbon, especially relevant this summer (see trends in hair jewelry here). With this styling, model and blogger Taylor Hill especially often uploads photos.

Bezel tape

If you like loose hair or don’t want to use styling products, tie a wide headband or scarf over your head. See how Chloe Lekaru did it.


Another option for successful styling for the beach is all kinds of weaving or two tight braids. And in order to prevent the strands from getting out of the hairstyle, fix them with a spray or varnish.

Bonus! Beach styling products:

Curly cream gel for curls, Sexy Hair, 2110 RUB.
Tecni UV resistant hair spray. Art, L’Oreal Professionnel, 1380 rubles.
Styling liquid Serum de Soie Sublimateur, Leonor Greyl, 3590 rubles.
Spray for creating natural curls Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray, Oribe, 3360 rubles.
Spray for fixing with the effect of dry shampoo Triple Day 15, Redken, 1650 rubles.
Gel for the effect of wet hair, Keune, 1650 rubles.

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