29 August 2021

Permanent lip makeup has been popular in Russia for several years. However, now in the menu of services of permanent make-up studios, you can more and more often find the word lip-blushing. This is the same lip tattoo, simply translated from the English word, which has taken root in Russian. To talk about the intricacies of the procedure, they asked five important questions Mary Hovsepyan – we trust her studio Estetic Permanent in Moscow.

Mary Hovsepyan

Mary Hovsepyan

founder of the permanent makeup studio Estetic Permanent

What effect can we expect from lip blushing? Who should pay attention to this procedure?

In fact, how the procedure will take place and what the final effect will be depends on the client’s personal request. The master has many possibilities in this sense.

If the client wants a clearer “collected” lip shape, without having it initially, then the master needs to literally “assemble from scratch.” For this, lip-blushing is done, and the pigment of the lips is also thickened.

If we are talking about a girl with an initially good, clear lip shape, where the master only needs to add color, then here you can limit yourself to lip-blushing. Therefore, how the whole procedure will take place depends on the client’s desire and his initial data. The task of the master is to analyze and understand what we will do!

Is it a painful procedure?

For most, lip blushing is a completely painless procedure. But at the request of the client, you can carry out the procedure under both primary and secondary (works on the damaged surface of the skin) anesthesia. However, most customers do without it. Note that the more we use anesthesia on the soft tissues of the skin, the more the tissue becomes denser during work. As a result, there is a chance of getting less good results after healing. Therefore, the masters try to work technically so that there is no need for anesthesia, so that the procedure takes place with minimal sensitivity.

How to understand that you have chosen a conscientious specialist and he is doing everything right? Should you rely on Instagram photos here?

Choosing a specialist is almost the most difficult task. To begin with, clearly articulate for yourself what you want to get in the end. You can, of course, follow the recommendation, but in this case you need to understand that everyone has their own requirements and standards. Therefore, you should not completely rely on someone else’s opinion in this matter.

Also, when viewing the works, be sure to pay attention to which lip shape attracts you: clearer or airy. One way or another, you should always ask for a healed job, since a fresh one never gives a full guarantee of what will be in the future – after a certain time, the result may radically change.

Be sure to check with your master about the need for subsequent correction: a good specialist will always say that at least one correction is necessary in any case. I believe that any self-respecting master should always work in tandem with a beautician – in order to understand exactly what procedure should be done with the lips, what can and cannot be done for medical reasons.

After the procedure, the master needs to focus on the care regulations, since the responsibility for the result lies with the client as well.

Does Lip Blushing have contraindications?

The client must be absolutely healthy. The main contraindication for lip-blushing, and in principle for any cosmetic procedure, is herpes and other diseases of this kind. In this case, it is important to be sure to cancel or reschedule the entry. If, during the intake, we find out that the body already has active herpes, then our recommendation is to drink Acyclovir, or better Valtrex.

Contrary to popular belief, menstruation is not a contraindication, since the lip-blushing technique is superficial. After the procedure, you cannot drink alcohol, strong coffee (espresso and Americano) – the body must rest and recover.

What is the optimal cost of this procedure for Moscow?

I would say that the average price of a lip-blushing in a Moscow salon is at least 10,000 rubles. The correction will cost, on average, half the cost of the original procedure. But if the price of lip-blushing is high (30,000-35,000 rubles), then it seems to me that in this case it is appropriate to take no more than 30% for the correction.