What foods make you lose weight the fastest: a list of foods for weight loss


Food supplements, fat-burning and diuretic teas, tablets for slimming – what is not available on the market for people who want to lose weight. Before trying new means to reduce body weight, you should turn to nature: there are enough natural and healthy productsthat help in the fight against kilograms.

Today we’ll talk about what products can there is those who want to lose weight, and how exactly they contribute to weight loss.

What to eat to lose weight?

Fashion bloggers and nutritionists often talk about expensive superfoods: oysters, asparagus, chia seeds, exotic fruits, with which they keep fit. However, due to the price, not everyone can afford such meals on a consistent basis. Therefore, our material contains available productsthat work as well as advertised superfoods and are guaranteed to help you lose weight.

Before we move on to the description of weight loss products, it is worth noting that none of them can give instant results. Kilograms and fat accumulate in the body gradually, and just as gradually they should go away. Then health will in order, and weight loss will pass without harm to the internal organs.

There are 3 basic rules to remember:

  • most of the diet should be healthy, balanced and moderate in calories products;
  • to your daily menu can and you need to add a few products from our list that will be stimulate fat burning processes and normalize metabolism;
  • the total calorie content of the diet should to be less than the amount of energy consumed.



Celery is one of the lowest calorie vegetables that can add even to strict diets. Its benefits lie in the content of a large amount of water-soluble vitamins and minerals – they normalize metabolism, accelerate the conversion of fat into energy. Celery contains a lot of fiber, which improves bowel function, removes toxins, and also stays in the stomach for a long time and will give a feeling of satiety.

Nutritionists advise using celery juice in pure form or in a mixture with other vegetable juices, and you can also there is vegetable boiled, stewed or raw. Vegetable soups with celery are popular among those who lose weight, which have a minimum of calories, but are well-nourishing and contain important nutrients for health.


White cabbage is a real gift for those who want to lose weight, because this low-calorie vegetable contains:

  • tartronic acid – a substance that slows down the formation of fat molecules from carbohydrates and reduces the percentage of body fat;
  • dietary fiber and fiber – essential substances for the growth of beneficial intestinal microflora, proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and a long-term feeling of satiety;
  • vitamins – with a serving of cabbage you get ascorbic acid, B vitamins, rutin and other bioflavonoids, vitamin A;
  • phytosterols – molecules that reduce cholesterol levels in the body, heal blood vessels.

Cabbage can use fresh, stewed, boiled or pickled. The maximum benefit is found in fresh vegetables, so whenever possible eat cabbage salad in addition to meat or side dishes.


One more product with a minimum amount of calories – about 17 kcal per 100 g. To lose weight, both a familiar vegetable with a light surface and a newfangled zucchini, which has a dark green peel, are suitable. Zucchini contain a lot of potassium, which normalizes water-salt metabolism and promotes the elimination of excess fluid, therefore, weight loss will more efficient. In addition, vegetables are a source of minerals and vitamins, fiber, antioxidants.

Products can cook in different ways: boil, simmer, bake in the oven, grill, add to stew. Zucchini and zucchini have a bland taste, so it is worth seasoning the vegetable dish with herbs and spices to taste.


Parsley, dill, basil, cilantro, mint are useful and tasty additives to foodwhich contain practically no calories. Their advantage is in a rich vitamin and mineral composition, so that a losing weight person can receive all the necessary nutrients from food. With these products can cook any dishes, diversify the taste of familiar food and make your own diet more enjoyable.

In addition to the usual use in the form of spices in salads, stews or boiled dishes, greens work well in a smoothie format. For example, can Start your morning with a green drink made from apple, celery, kiwi and mint.



The most famous fruit recommended by all nutritionists. Its effectiveness is confirmed in the 12-week Scripps Clinic “Grapefruit Diet” study. Volunteers who ate half a grapefruit 3 times a day lost 1.63 kg in weight in 3 months without any dietary restrictions, and people who drank grapefruit juice lost an average of 1.5 kg.

Low calorie product reduces the level of insulin in the blood, helps the body to more efficiently process food into energy, regulates fat metabolism. In addition, it contains the daily requirement of vitamin C and beneficial flavonoids.

People without problems with the gastrointestinal tract can be use bitter citrus without restrictions, but with increased acidity of the stomach, it is better to choose others products for weight loss.


The fruit familiar to the Russian region is recommended by nutritionists due to its hypoallergenicity, harmlessness to the gastrointestinal tract and balanced chemical composition. Apples contain a lot of fructose, which provides the body with a supply of carbohydrates, but does not cause a spike in blood sugar. Another important component product– polyphenols, which, in an experiment on volunteers, show a pronounced fat burning effect and normalize blood cholesterol levels.

The best thing there is fresh fruits, 1-2 pieces per day. Choose green apples, which are lower in carbs and more nutritious. If you are already tired of fresh apples, can bake, add to oatmeal or cottage cheese, use as a component of a smoothie.

Cherries and cherries

Nutritionists from the state of Michigan during the experiment came to the conclusion that the beneficial substances contained in the sweet berry improve the absorption of food, normalize carbohydrate metabolism and prevent heart disease. Cherries contain important organic acids, many antioxidants, bioflavonoids to strengthen the immune system and other useful components. At the same time, it has a sweet taste and is perfect as an alternative to high-calorie desserts.

Most people like the taste of cherries, so there shouldn’t be any problems with consuming them. Also can make fresh or add to smoothies. Those who grow berries on their own in the country can use the leaves of the cherry tree to make vitamin tea.



Chicken is the first thing that comes to mind when asked which it is better to take meat for dietary meals. Such popularity product due to its pleasant taste, availability in stores, and a variety of cooking options. Chicken is the optimal source of animal protein, which is needed to build all the cells in our body. In addition, protein is important for muscle growth: as you know, the more muscle mass, the more energy a person needs at rest and the faster the process of getting rid of fat.

An interesting study was carried out in the Israeli clinic Ichilov. Doctors have found that consistent consumption of chicken meat can increase potassium levels, which has a beneficial effect on weight loss.

It is advisable to buy chicken from trusted producers or from organic farmers so that the meat does not contain antibiotics and other unhealthy components. Chicken breast can cook in a frying pan without oil, stew with vegetables, bake in the oven, use for soup or meat casserole with vegetables.

A fish

Fish should be present in the diet of a losing weight person at least 2-3 times a week. She quickly absorbed in the digestive tract, contains a lot of proteins, vitamins and minerals. For weight loss, white fish with a fat percentage of about 2% is well suited: pollock, hake, cod, flounder.

But do not forget to sometimes add fatty fish to the diet: salmon, trout, mackerel, herring. They contain a lot of omega-3 polyunsaturated acids. These substances are indispensable for lipid and energy metabolism, health of the heart and blood vessels, and proper functioning of the brain.

Fish are recommended to be cooked in the oven or steamed. Such food can instantly saturate, and there are not so many calories in the finished dish. For a complete and balanced meal, it is advisable to combine fish dishes with vegetables. However, you shouldn’t buy ready-made products in the form of canned food or semi-finished products – they have more harm than good.


For many people who are losing weight, cereals are strictly prohibited, but in fact they can add to the diet in a limited amount. Among all the options, it is worth giving preference to the top three weight loss leaders: buckwheat, pearl barley and oatmeal. These products contain complex carbohydrates that give you the longest feeling of fullness. With the correct portion sizes, they will not will be to be deposited with extra centimeters at the waist. In the composition of cereals there are many B vitamins, iodine, phosphorus and other minerals that have a beneficial effect on health.

The main thing is to properly prepare cereals: in water without adding or with a minimum amount of salt. For a full breakfast can add half a teaspoon of olive or flaxseed oil to a bowl of porridge. But you should not put butter.