29 August 2021

Now finding a suitable scent is as easy as shelling pears: there are a huge number of perfumes for every taste and budget in the corners. But if you want something unusual, we advise you to pay attention to local Russian brands. They will impress not only with their unusual combination of notes, but also with their concept. OiLand, for example, relies on aromatherapy to create mood-enhancing perfumes. Meanwhile, NOSE Perfumes presents fragrances that take you to remote corners of our country, and Flame Moscow releases perfumes inspired by female names (look, maybe there is a fragrance of your name too!).

BeautyHack.ru has collected the top 6 Russian perfume brands that you should pay attention to.


The Russian brand OiLand with production in Bali specializes in personal care and aromatic oils, and recently added oil perfumes to the collection. They contain 100% natural ingredients, and each fragrance has its own meaning and effect on the mood. For example, woody herbal Earth earths and soothes; sweetish Memo – takes you back to childhood, recreating pleasant memories; refreshing Green invigorates and sets you up for a productive day; warm Mellow is associated with summer; tropical Frank is reminiscent of an oceanfront vacation. The founders of the brand – Anastasia Titova and Galina Obraztsova, advise applying perfume to the pulsating points of the body, the fragrance will last for about four hours.

Price: from 4000 rubles

NOSE Perfumes

Each NOSE Perfumes fragrance is a mini-story about Russia. Or, as Timur Soldatov, perfumer and founder of the brand, says, “the cultural code of the country”. For example, Have A Nice Day is associated with the smell of pine needles at the edge of the forest; Awake – from the morning in the forest when picking berries; Meadow Tea – with linden tea, which you drink in a wooden house away from city life; Day Off – with a bouquet of flowers in a sunlit room; Morning Rowing – cruising along the river on a cool day; Lumberman – from a shoe shop, where things are created in a single copy.

Price: 5750 rubles (30 ml)

Holynose Parfums

Holynose Parfums was founded by graphic and industrial designer Pavel Nikandrov. Then perfumer Maria Golovina joined him. Now the brand has a permanent collection of fragrances with laconic names and associations. The most popular are “Mist” with notes of melt water, juniper, cedar, wet bark and patchouli; “Pollen” with lime, cardamom, currant leaves and acacia; “Ashes” with Russian coriander, tobacco leaf, pu-erh tea and ambergris; Nylon with whiskey, banana, white tea and musk; Rhythm with puffed rice, mint, buchu and benzoin. Conveniently, the fragrances are presented in a volume of 15 ml, so you can always keep them close at hand.

Price: from 3500 rubles (15 ml)

Flame Moscow

Flame Moscow is known for its home fragrances – handmade candles and incense, as well as solid perfumes from natural ingredients. Solid perfumes are sold in mini-bottles, similar to cream, and their names refer to female names. Veronica “smells” of ripe persimmon, watermelon, elder flowers and spring water; Mira – citrus, moss, birch and laurel; Anna – lavender, citron, white musk and tonka beans Alexandra – clover, cedar, vanilla and cloves. In stock – 18 fragrances and, possibly, there are perfumes with your name.

Price: 800 rubles (30 ml)

Magma perfumes

Magma Perfumes belongs to Yana Andreeva, and she also maintains the brand’s Instagram – she tells life hacks about her perfumes and shows the process of their creation. Yana’s main concept is to create exclusive fragrances in limited quantities. Another trick is the 2 ml samples (700 rubles), which can be tested to see if the fragrance is right for you. Now there are seven perfumes in the line. The bestseller is #Nude, which the site describes as a natural scent of a clean body. It contains notes of rose, magnolia, lily of the valley, violet, sea water, milk, sandalwood, musk and ambergris.

Price: from 4900 rubles (15 ml)

Wood moss

At Wood Moss, all fragrances contain woody notes, which the founder of the brand, Karina Velichkovskaya, associates with her native land in Siberia, and can evoke other positive memories for her clients. And the main thing is that each perfume is not like another. Wood Moss of the same name with vetiver and sandalwood oil, for example, seems deep and strong, reminiscent of the smell of earth and bark. And Faun with cedar and moss is lighter, fresher, transfers to morning forests in northern Canada. At the same time, Himera with patchouli and vanilla can sound differently: sometimes after it you can hear woody tobacco accords on the skin, and sometimes – floral-earthy notes.

Price: from 500 rubles (2.5 ml)