what is it and how to use it


Despite its name enzyme powder has nothing to do with makeup. Designed and developed by Korean beauticians to gently cleanse all skin types, this friable substance. Due to its high efficiency, enzyme or in another way enzymatic powder won the love and recognition of fashionistas all over the world.

What is Enzyme Powder

Externally enzyme powder for washing looks like a white powder containing small crystals. These are natural enzymes or enzymes – protein compounds that work as an accelerator of chemical reactions in the skin.

As an enzyme in the composition of such powders acts as a natural enzyme of papaya juice – papain. It is often included in peels along with fruit acids, since papain has exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as a brightening effect.

Simultaneously with papain, the composition enzyme powders include many different components: essential oils, beta-glucan, enzyme filtrates, allantoin, vitamins C, E.

The principle of enzyme action is to gently dissolve and exfoliate the dead layer of epidermal cells without mechanical action. In other words, it is a light chemical peel that is very convenient for home use.

What is enzyme powder for?

The main advantage enzyme powders lies in the versatility of their use for all types of skin: normal, dry, oily, combination and especially problematic. Cleansing Powdergetting on the skin of the face, neck and décolleté actively, but at the same time gently and painlessly acts as solvents of dirt, excess sebum, cleanses clogged pores, removes blackheads and dead cells of the dermis – everything that prevents the skin from being naturally healthy.

How to choose enzyme powder

To the choice enzyme powderdespite the versatility of its application for all skin types, it is worth approaching responsibly and thoughtfully. If the skin is susceptible to allergic reactions, some components of the composition powders may be undesirable. It is important to carefully check all the ingredients and make sure that there are no allergens among them.

Due to the unusual method of application, in contrast to the well-known foams, mousses and cleansing gels, enzyme powder not particularly convenient for mobile.

In all other cases, the choice of enzyme powders depends on the preferences of its user. Pleasant smell, cost, strength of action on the skin and the final result of use are the main selection criteria. powders

Ways to use enzyme powder

The main rule of using any cleansing powders – after application, it must be thoroughly washed off the skin, so as not to cause irritation.

To cleanse the skin of the face with an enzyme powdery possible in several ways.

Cleansing milk consistency

Suitable for quick skin cleansing faces before the next steps of daily care. Diluted with water, but not whipped until foam powders the size of half a teaspoon, like milk, it is good to use for washing every day. Effect after such application cleansing powder as from the lightest peeling – the skin revives and face takes on a healthy color.

Thick foam consistencyand

By using such foams can cleanse the skin much deeper. This will require thorough whipping of a handful of dry enzyme diluted in water. powders and a cosmetic sponge for subsequent application to the skin. To get a thick consistency, you need to spread a special mesh or gauze napkin on top of an already foamed product and pat it to an elastic foam. This method of cleansing the skin should not be used daily, but do it no more than twice a week.

Enzyme Powder Dry Consistency

This method is very similar to using a scrub. Its zest is that dry enzyme powder is applied to moistened skin and rubbed into its surface with slow, gentle movements.

Breeding water powders must have a temperature of at least 30 degrees.

Three ways describing how to use enzyme powder, are suitable for all skin types, if there are no individual contraindications.

The effect of using enzyme powder

Enzyme powder is used to cleanse faces, the skin on the neck and in the décolleté area to give the skin freshness and return its natural colors. After regular use of enzyme powders you can expect:

  • restoration of acid-base balance
  • deep cleansing of the epidermis
  • healing of subcutaneous inflammation
  • prevent the appearance of new blackheads of sebaceous secretions
  • cleansing pores

Some enzyme powders helps in the fight against acne and pigmentation, and also mattifies shiny areas.

TOP 10 best enzyme powders according to cosmetologists

  • JMsolution Glow Luminous Flower Firming Powder Cleanswer Rose

The most delicate product suitable for daily use as a foam. Copes well with excess sebum, narrows pores, removes blackheads, dissolves dead skin cells. Suitable for all skin types.

  • Enzyme Powder “Mineral Cleansing” by Bielita

Soft mineral enzyme the powder is great for all skin types, but is especially good for problem areas. Regular use as a foam or scrub results in a radical cleansing of the epidermis.

  • Elizavecca Milky Piggy Hell-Pore Clean Up Enzyme Powder Wash

Facial cleanser with hypoallergenic composition is great for daily washing… It can be used both in the consistency of milk and foam, but not a scrub – for this, powders too delicate texture. Enzyme powder copes well with subcutaneous inflammation and irritation.

  • Beta-Glucan Enzyme Powder Wash by Petitfee & Koelf

Powder has a unique formula that contains beta-glucan. It can be used both in the consistency of milk and foam, and in the form of a scrub. Hypoallergenic composition cleansing powder allows the use of the product for all types of skin.

  • Low pH Centella Cleansing Powder – Enzyme Powder by COSRX

Ideal for daily skin care for all skin types. When diluted with water, it has a slightly acidic consistency, which has an excellent effect on the quality of cleansing the skin. Gives the skin softness, freshness and prevents inflammation.

  • Enzyme powder Enzyme Wash Powder ARAVIA Professional

Air enzyme powder reasonably priced – excellent for all skin types. Should be used with caution by people with hypersensitive skin. Powder scrubs, exfoliates and cleanses pores from blackheads on the face. Not suitable for daily use.

  • Kanebo Sensai Peeling Powder

A versatile and very effective product for all skin types. Gently dissolves dirt and dead layers, prevents inflammation, does not cause a feeling of dryness.

  • Ciracle Powder wash for deep and soft cleansing

The composition of the powder additionally includes vitamin C. The product perfectly cleans from impurities, dissolving the dead cell layer along with the dirt. Especially recommended for sensitive and problem skin.

  • Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash

An inexpensive enzyme scrubber that does a good job of deep cleansing the skin. Evens out the skin relief, copes with rashes and inflammations, blackheads and sebaceous secretions.

  • Enzyme Powder A’pieu Enzyme Powder Wash

Enzyme powder from the manufacturer A’pieu demonstrates an amazing effect from the first application. The product is simultaneously a soft scrub and the most delicate foam – 2in1 – cleanses the skin from blackheads, brightens age spots and protects the skin from inflammation. It works great on sensitive skin.

For those who have never heard and do not know what is enzyme powder for washing, you should think about purchasing a suitable product in order to feel and see a magical transformation on your own skin after application such powder.