29 August 2021

The French brand Thalgo uses almost all known types of seaweed in the production, thermal plankton can be found in Biotherm treatments, and La Mer focuses on sea minerals and collaborates with companies that harvest seaweed in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Making the most of the depths of the sea, some brands see it as their mission to protect the world’s oceans and create funds to promote charitable projects, provide real help to a world in which garbage islands have long become a reality. Examples: La Mer Ocean Foundation Blue Heart and Zones of Hope supported by Biotherm.

How do marine ingredients work in specific products, and why are cosmetics with ingredients sourced from the depths of the ocean generally considered premium and luxury? Beautyhack.ru spoke with two experts and made a selection of products that you can try.

Life plankton

One of the most attractive components of Biotherm products. Life Plankton promises to protect the skin from stress, soothe and make it less sensitive, and also restore the skin barrier. Daria Sadukha, Biotherm Brand Expert, explains that Life Plankton is originally a microorganism that lives in sulfuric water at 37 ° C. In its natural environment – thermal springs – this exceptional but extremely fragile component is reproduced only once every six months and cannot be recreated anywhere except in these thermal springs. Biotherm is obtained from Thermal Plankton in a laboratory on Tours France by biofermentation Fermogenesis.

Life Plankton is 100% natural, biodegradable and renewable. In the process of biofermentation Fermogenesis, an extract is obtained that is identical to plankton from the hot springs of the Pyrenees, only in large volumes, stabilized, pure. There are eight patents around the world related to the use of thermal plankton and more than 100 scientific proofs of its effectiveness.

Thermal plankton Life Plankton is similar in structure to the skin, which significantly increases its efficiency. The properties of the component are maximally manifested in 5% concentration (for example, as part of the Life Plankton elixir). Thermal Plankton treats skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, affects various skin cells (keratinocytes, Langerhans cells and fibroblasts) and stimulates the skin’s regeneration and renewal processes. It also protects the skin from the effects of internal and external destructive factors and stimulates the body’s defense processes.

Restoring face elixir Life Plankton Elixir, 4380 RUB., Biotherm
Smoothing cream-gel for eyes Life Plankton Eye, about 2200 RUB, Biotherm

Red algae

Red algae grows along the rocky coast of the Atlantic, from Europe to North America, as well as off the coast of Japan. Thanks to its components similar to the skin matrix, it rebuilds collagen fibers and prevents the destruction of elastin fibers, restoring the contour of the face and smoothing out wrinkles.

Serum Divine Harmony, 16 900 RUB, L’Occitane
Firming face cream against signs of aging Blue Therapy Red Algae Cream, 5540 RUB, Biotherm
Night intensely moisturizing face mask Drink Up Intensive, 990 RUB., Origins

Laminaria golden (L. ochroleuca)

Algae growing off the coast of northern Brittany in France. Biotherm contains its extract in Blue Therapy Accelerated anti-aging products. Combined with Life Plankton, it enhances the production of skin firming substances, protects the integrity of the dermis for a firming effect and ensures skin regeneration.

Another type of kelp – Laminaria Digitata Powder – uses the Thalgo brand. It is rich in iodine, detoxifies and remineralizes. Kelp can often be seen in weight loss products.

Serum against visible signs of aging Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum, 5000 RUB., Biotherm
Micronized seaweed Micronized Marine Algae Les Essentiels Marins, 450 RUB, Thalgo

Deep sea water

In addition to marine components, Biotherm also uses deep sea water. It comes from a natural storage over 22 meters deep in Brittany. This source is constantly replenished with seawater, and powerful tides bring it to the surface.

The composition of deep sea water differs from the usual one: it contains more manganese and silicon. Deep sea water is desalinated to preserve its properties. It strengthens the lipid barrier of the skin, prevents transepidermal moisture loss, and maintains the moisture level in the skin.

Other brands such as St. Barth, use water from local sources – in this case from the Caribbean.

Night moisturizing regenerating mask Aquasource Everplump Night, 2108 RUB., Biotherm
Body lotion with vanilla aroma, 4330 RUB., St Barth

Brown algae

The La Mer brand uses several types of brown algae: “Macrocystis”, which grow on the California Pacific coast, as well as harvested in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Seaweed is capable of self-regeneration, is rich in micro and macroelements, contains L-hyaluronic acid, amino acids, polysaccharides. In La Mer products, the enzyme Miracle Broth, which contains brown algae, energizes the skin, renews, moisturizes, regenerates the skin, makes the skin smooth, radiant and calm.

Tatiana Pyatakova, the leading cosmetologist of the La Mer brand in Russia and the CIS, explains the value of brown algae: “They are harvested by hand. Only the tops of the algae are cut off, so as not to damage the ecosystem, and in a day they again reach the same size! Then the cut algae are placed in special containers, where they retain all their properties, and delivered to the laboratory. “

Then the process of bio-fermentation takes place, in which special light and sound act on algae, minerals and oils for 3-4 months. This is how the elixir Miracle Broth is born. It is for this reason that it is produced in small batches and its cost is high. An enzyme is found in every La Mer product.

Thalgo uses Fucus serratus and Coleus forskohlii kelp to create anti-cellulite products.

Cream Blue Heart Crème de la Mer (especially for the Day of the Oceans, the brand released creams in collectible jars, hand-painted), 33 750 rubles, La Mer
Correcting cream against all types of cellulite Defi Cellulite Complete Cellulite Corrector, 3350 RUB., Thalgo