What procedures can be done in the summer and what cannot be done – the dermatologist and plastic surgeon explain.


Around the beauty treatments that can be done in the summer, many myths. Even novice beauty lovers know that retinol products are prohibited in warm weather, and after laser hair removal, it is imperative to apply an SPF cream. But in more serious matters – is it possible to do peels in the summer, is it safe to inject botox and what to do if acne worsens in the heat – we often get lost. BeautyHack asked two specialists to answer as briefly as possible what can and cannot be done in the summer.

Peels – you can, but not all

Natalya Rodina, a dermatocosmetologist at the Bely Sad beauty center on Zubovsky, explains that in summer you can perform enzyme and almond (chemical) peels, provided that you then apply sunscreen to your skin before going outside.

Medium chemical peels (eg TCA peels in high concentration) should not be performed in the summer – this can lead to the appearance of pigmentation.

Hardware procedures – possible, but not all

According to Natalia, it is possible to perform microcurrent therapy, biogeration, ultrasonic peeling, cryolift, light-emitting diode therapy (LED), Ultera-alterotherapy, needle radio-frequency lifting with the Scarlet RF apparatus, radiofrequency lifting with the Sharplight apparatus, barophoresis and gas-liquid peeling with the JetPeel apparatus.

Injection techniques – yes

Plastic surgeon Alexander Vdovin explains that seasonality is applicable to cosmetic procedures that are associated with a violation of the integrity of the skin. These are whitening, deep cleansing of the skin, chemical peelings, laser resurfacing (in particular microdermabrasion), etc. These procedures are not recommended in the summer season, as sun exposure increases the risk of pigmentation, which will be difficult to get rid of later.

But during the injection techniques, the skin is minimally damaged, therefore, to improve the quality of the skin in the summer, biorevitalization, mesotherapy and bioreparation are done – only traces of micro-punctures remain, the risks of getting a negative skin reaction are minimal.

The same applies to lip augmentation with fillers and contouring. But even after these procedures, patients should not sunbathe for several days and it is important to use a cream with SPF.

Botox injections – undesirable

“As for botolutoxin injections, it is wiser to do them before summer,” explains Alexander. Because in the sun everyone squints, squints, “crow’s feet” appear near the outer corners of the eyes, there is constant muscle activity. And where the muscle works, the skin that covers it gathers in a fold. In order to avoid the formation of kinks and folds under the influence of sunlight during the entire summer period, it is better to do Botox injections in advance.

Do I need to change the treatment regimen in the summer if you suffer from acne – yes, when there is an exacerbation

In summer, during the heat and due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation, the secretion of sebum increases, which can aggravate acne. Therefore, in the summer, it is important to thoroughly cleanse problem skin in the morning and in the evening with a properly selected product (cleansing gels and tonics with ANA acids, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory ingredients), sebostatic components. Enzyme peels can be done 1-2 times a week, masks for oily and combination skin. Natalia also emphasizes that it is important to choose a sunscreen that will not “clog” the pores. For example, ZO Skin health powder with a protection factor of 30. In summer, you can perform ultrasonic peeling, JetPeel, detoxification procedure for biogeration, almond peeling at a beautician.

Laser hair removal – yes, but with limitations

“If we are talking about closed places (armpits and bikini area), then in the summer you can start a course of hair removal. If you are planning to sunbathe in a swimsuit, apply SPF cream to the affected areas, ”comments Natalya.

But it is better not to start a course of procedures for the face, legs and hands in the summer. Wait until the onset of cold weather.

Plastic surgery – yes

“There is no such thing as the seasonality of plastic surgery,” explains Alexander Vdovin. Surgical intervention is carried out, as a rule, according to indications and regardless of the season. It is unlikely that you will wait for the onset of autumn if you have an attack of appendicitis.

Plastic surgery is exactly the same surgical procedure, where all the necessary precautions are taken. The myth that in the heat it is impossible to do any procedures (operations, injections) and it is better to postpone them, appeared due to the fact that in summer the air temperature is higher, therefore, the risk of infection and spread of infection is also higher.

I can reassure you, all these fears are groundless – there are no contraindications for surgical interventions in the summer, and there cannot be. All operations are carried out in clinics, under sterile conditions and in compliance with all safety measures. The risk of complications is minimized.

Naturally, after being discharged from the clinic, the patient must comply with all the instructions of the surgeon without exception. If necessary, wear compression underwear (this may not be very comfortable in the heat, if at home, for example, there is no air conditioner), for a while, refuse to go to the solarium, pool, sauna and beach, in some cases reduce physical activity.

That is, when deciding on a serious intervention in the summer, you need to clearly understand that you most likely will not go on vacation this summer and devote yourself to full recovery after the operation. Only one rule works here: the more difficult the intervention, the longer it will take to recover after it. Therefore, you need to correctly prioritize and understand what you are willing to sacrifice.