why does it appear and how to deal with it correctly (and whether it is necessary)


Cosmetologist-esthetician of the clinic of aesthetic medicine Aging Control Taisiya Petrova explains what mistakes girls make in skin care, why oily sheen appears, and what tools and procedures can minimize it.

Why can skin shine?

Oily sheen is always a protective reaction of the skin to any irritant: external or internal. Even dry skin can shine and shine. The reasons should be sought in endocrine disorders, disorders of the digestive tract, hormonal changes.

This is often due to improper care. For example, the skin is very dry. Often, patients with initially dry skin type come to me, but they use cosmetics for oily skin. You need to understand that 1-2 pimples on the face do not indicate that the skin is prone to oily. This is a big misconception.

What grooming mistakes do girls make if their skin is shiny?

A common bad habit among owners of oily skin is the desire to eliminate shine with aggressive degreasing agents, for example, alcohol-containing lotions and toners. So the skin only increases the production of sebum in order to self-moisturize. You understand that with such “help” the oily sheen will not go anywhere, but on the contrary, it will only increase.

Often people with oily skin are overly diligent in cleansing: they use aggressive cleansers, and this should not be done. Oily skin is not equal to contaminated skin. You need to wash your face with cool water or wipe your face with a tonic, since any cosmetic products for washing are additionally tightened and dried.

How to properly care for such skin?

There is no need to deal with oily sheen. You can keep your skin tidy. Remember: powder – not your ally in the fight against this aesthetic problem. Thus, the skin can dry out, and inflammatory elements appear.

Owners of oily skin type should pay attention not to drying, but to sebum-regulating care products. These products contain a sufficient amount of moisturizing ingredients, and the skin will not produce excess oil.

The required minimum of funds: gentle washing, toning, serum on the problem (sebum-regulating / anti-inflammatory / moisturizing / mattifying).

1-2 times a week – deep cleansing and mask. Owners of oily skin have large pores, decorative cosmetics can clog them. In order to prevent inflammation, you need to clean it correctly. The mask should be balanced with anti-inflammatory properties.

If you go in for sports, use matting napkins… During exercise, the skin releases not only sweat, but also toxins, and therefore washing after sports is mandatory. Then anti-inflammatory serum, if there is a tendency to breakouts.

Mattifying lines are also suitable for those with oily / combination / normal skin types. These products usually contain moisturizers and physical absorbents to remove excess moisture from the skin’s surface.

Top 5 effective remedies

Lotion with lactic acid and azelaic acid is suitable for toning. Clarifying Toner by HydroPeptide… It controls sebum production, prevents oily sheen and restores the pH balance of the skin without drying it out or causing sensitivity or irritation. You can use it every other day / at night / course, as prescribed by the beautician.

I advise the excellent spray from Is Clinical – Copper Firming Mist… It refreshes, has antioxidant protection, has an antibacterial effect and maintains makeup throughout the day. You can supplement the care with serum of the same brand. Hydra cool with hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 – it gives deep hydration, soothes, relieves irritation, prevents inflammation.

Another favorite of mine is serum Aqua Boost from HydroPeptide… It is a moisturizing emulsion-cream with a mattifying, evening skin tone and sebum-regulating effect. It does not cause redness, keeps the skin clean, gives it freshness and smoothness.

Suitable for deep cleansing Hydropeptide 5X Power Peel (this is a peeling based on peptides and enzymes, 30 wipes). They can be used every other day – they cope with hyperkeratosis, additionally brighten, remove dead cells, have a sebum-regulating, pore-reducing effect, give a fresh and rested look.

Also take note of the two-stage peeling system. HydroPeptide Polish & Plump Peel – it removes dead corneous particles, blackheads, stagnant spots, pigmentation, eliminates puffiness. This is necessary for oily skin prone to shine. This peeling is recommended to be done 1-2 times a week.

From masks I recommend HydroPeptide Balancing Mask – it will help moisturize the skin, heal it and further cleanse it. Or a mask based on kaolin of the same brand – Miracle mask… It will saturate the skin with minerals, remove impurities and toxins, absorb excess oil, reduce shine and prevent clogged pores. Apply in a thin layer.

What procedures can be used by a beautician to reduce this problem?

I advise you to pay attention to vacuum hydropeeling HydraFacial, BBL hardware technique (perfectly regulates the production of sebum), peels according to indications / sensitivity / problem.

There are no general recommendations, everything is individual. Therefore, it is important to consult a specialist first.