29 August 2021

BeautyHack.ru author Maria Livadchenko lives in the USA and loves to test cosmetics of popular American brands. Some of them are presented in stores in Russia, and some can only be ordered online. Not all of the products pass the rigorous selection of our beauty hacker, but what she liked stays in her cosmetic bag for a long time.

For babies, their mothers and more

I admit, following the account of supermodel Rosie Hitington-Whiteley and her beauty platform is a pleasure: not very obvious ad integrations, a lot of aesthetics and a vibe of nurtured confidence and self-care. Rosie wants to believe from the first seconds. It would seem, who, if not her, certainly tried everything? Many of the jars in her curated selection are really good (I test everything), some are more suitable for those with problem skin, but the quality is still not satisfactory. Therefore, when the star of the catwalk and covers recommended the new Pipette, I decided to study the product. Moreover, he was praised by other celebrities and bloggers.

Pipette (Baby) is a new popular American clean-brand, in which each product is 200% safe for babies from the very birth: there are no synthetic fragrances, no toxins, no allergens, no suspicious raw materials. All brand products are approved by pediatricians and dermatologists.

Despite its obvious focus on the baby theme, the brand invites the whole family to use its products. Pipette strives to create its own community, take care of nature and is distinguished by the signs: sustainable, cruelty-free, and even received verification by the EWG (an American non-profit organization that analyzes and evaluates individual ingredients according to their toxicity).

Pipette’s focus is on safety, effectiveness and prevention of skin irritations and diseases. There you can find shampoos, sanitizers, eczema remedies. And, of course, her – “miracle mask” for mothers and pregnant women.

The Overnight Brightening Mask promises full compatibility with your skin wherever you are in your life, as well as an impact on pigmentation and facial texture.

For the test, I ordered a set of hand gel, hand milk and sanitizer, as well as the same mask for all occasions.

Fragrance Free & Squalane

The Overnight Brightening Mask has a translucent yellowish texture that is applied to cleansed skin overnight and promises perfect skin in the morning without redness or problems.

Honestly, my relationship with the mask did not work out right away. Without deep cleansing, it stubbornly rolled off the surface of the face. I must pay tribute, the skin does not redden and does not react to acids, however, for me personally, the mask has a smell close to Biologique-Recherches products (that is, quite specific). I think this is due to the lack of synthetic fragrances.

What’s important? It can be used before, during and immediately after pregnancy.

It contains lactic and malic acids, hyaluronic acid, shea butter and a special form of squalane – the property of the brand

Yes, the mask really does have an effect. Perhaps not “nuclear”, but quite tangible. If we compare it with the functionally close Allies of Skin Bright Future Facial mask, then the result, of course, will be about 40% weaker. But I tried using Pipette for a week in a row – and no complaints!

As for hygiene products, I can’t say that I am delighted. For me personally, the smell of hand gel was too specific, one might say, unbearable. Milk with the same fragrance smells much better, is quickly absorbed and moisturizes well. The sanitizer is ordinary, non-sticky, but there are many other similar options. On the other hand, the brand offers profitable kits that will be convenient to take care of your baby.

The Pipette brand is not yet represented in Russia, but it can be easily bought in Europe or ordered online. For moms – a must-have, for lovers of safe and cruelty-free products – as you like.