Almost all Biologique Recherche cosmetics have a very unpleasant odor, some SkinCeuticals products take a long time to get used to due to their specific aroma, the SK-II brand is also not famous for pleasant fragrances. And nevertheless, this does not repel most adherents of professional cosmetics. Focusing on these brands (which really have a bestseller for every product), it is customary to think that treatments with an unpleasant odor are much more effective, have high-quality formulations and work more effectively on the skin. How does this theory work? To understand, we present the opinions of experts.

Psychology and smell

“When we feel a certain smell, the body’s reaction to it is instantaneous – we immediately decide whether we like it or not,” explains American cognitive psychologist Pamela Dalton. Next, our brain tries to relate sensory impressions to past experiences in order to understand how we feel and whether we are familiar with it.

Psychodermatologist Dr. Aliya Ahmed confirms the theory of unpleasant odors: “If we are convinced that we will achieve a good result, then we are ready to tolerate a specific aroma. We focus on a big goal and close our eyes to small flaws. ” You know in advance that you are using a quality product, the result can affect your self-esteem – all these are positive emotions that outweigh.

Pamela Dalton also adds that this is largely due to our habit of taking medications, which mainly have an unpleasant taste and smell, but solve specific therapeutic problems. Also, most people are used to the chemical scent of cleaning products – they do not irritate us. “Of course, people are more critical of cosmetics, but even here the brain quickly connects these associations with previous experience – we have already felt it somewhere, this tool is useful, no matter how it smells.”

Antioxidant serum CE Ferulic, 11 232 RUB., SkinCeuticals

Cultural features

There is a theory that our sense of smell begins to work in the womb in the third trimester of pregnancy. In the memory of the newborn, there is already the smell of the perfume that she wore during pregnancy, as well as the food and drinks that she consumed.

Also, our olfactory preferences are associated with cultural and national characteristics. Many people are used to thinking that beauty is always pain. To be beautiful, you need to spend a lot of effort, time and money, often it is physical discomfort. Hence the thought: “An effective remedy must smell bad.” Scientists emphasize that there is no consensus regarding any particular scent. For example, the smell of the Masque Vivant mask from Biologique Recherche seems repulsive to many, but try to ask the opinion of the French and there will be those among them who will not share your point of view – it’s all about the background.

Clear composition

Pierre-Louis Delapalme, CEO of Biologique Recherche, explains that since the inception of the brand, the team has adhered to an important rule: no fragrances to hide the true scent of the formula: greater importance to the result ”.

Lotion P50W for thin and sensitive skin, price on request, Biologique Recherche

Dawn Goldworm, a scent expert, TED speaker and person who has been involved in the creation of perfumes for Lady Gaga and Valentino, says that there should be honest, understandable notes in a fragrance. The easiest way to explain this is with the example of sanitizers. If you feel alcohol, then you trust the product more. Manufacturers try to disguise such notes in every possible way, but in fact, many consumers need honesty.

It is the same in cosmetics: we have a general understanding of how this or that popular component smells, we want to feel it in order to be sure that it is in the composition. For example, in the famous P50 lotion, many people feel the aroma of sour milk (lactic acid) and vinegar (it is in the composition). Also, the CE Ferulic serum from SkinCeutical smells of a lot of metal, and the SK-II Facial Treatment elixir smells of yeast (it contains a sake fermentation product). Plus, the unusual scent lends authenticity to the product – another reason why it is chosen over the fragrant treatments from Christian Dior or Tom Ford. And if the tool is also expensive, then people have no doubts at all.

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