Masks, massages and relaxing baths: psychologist


Stress not only kills nerve cells, but also our beauty. It is a common cause of hair loss, dull skin color and weak immunity. We asked a psychologist how to help the skin cope with it.

Marianna Pavlova

Marianna Pavlova

Cosmetologist, psychologist, body-oriented psychotherapist

Stress is a set of stereotypical adaptive reactions that arise in the human body in response to the actions of extreme stimuli of various nature. In this case, we are talking about distress, which can cause poor health and various diseases. There are many stress factors for the body.

These include: fasting, sharp fluctuations in ambient temperature, prolonged exposure to the sun, intense physical or mental stress, phobias (fears), infections, trauma, surgery, intoxication, disturbance of circadian rhythms.

The list is impressive. And it is much more than is commonly believed.

Signs of skin stress

Stress on the skin can manifest itself in the form of:

  • Constant tension of facial muscles
  • Violations of the water-lipid balance of the skin
  • Reducing the amount of trace elements
  • Vascular dysfunctions of the skin
  • Sebaceous gland dysfunctions
  • Changes in the sensitivity of nerve receptors
  • Exacerbations of skin diseases
  • Decrease in the number of Langerhans immune cells
  • The occurrence of autoimmune and allergic diseases

To stop all these symptoms, there are many ways in cosmetology. As a rule, anti-stress programs are aimed at preventing premature aging. Most often, they use aromatic oils. The main contraindications for such procedures: recent surgeries, injections, pregnancy, allergies.

Not by oils alone!

When applied to the skin, essential oils relieve the tension of facial muscles, restore skin sensitivity, microcirculation, improve metabolic processes, harmonize the psycho-emotional state, soothe, relieve feelings of depression or, on the contrary, cause a feeling of joy, excitement.

Anti-stress programs also use: microcurrents, ultrasound methods, various types of massages, masks. It would seem, what is the effect? The fact is that when you touch the skin, oxytocin is produced – the hormone of joy, which is responsible for well-being.

Baths with relaxing salt, inhalations, massage with aromatic oils, herbal teas before bed do an excellent job with stress at home.

Creams that include immune-cell complexes that protect Langerhans cells, are responsible for local immunity and play an important role in maintaining youth and beauty, also cope with skin stress. Good options are Age Summum, Guinot and Age SIGNeS Reverse, Mary Cohr. Each of them contains about 56 active ingredients that provide skin regeneration and renewal, protect collagen fibers.

When dealing with stress, one should not forget about eating, walking, meditating and other bodily practices. And also – a favorite thing always causes the release of joy hormones into the blood. Dance, read, exercise and normalize your sleep. It will help maintain the quality of the skin and slow down aging.