Sos skin care products and a unique moisturizing body mask: beauty routine of the singer ETOLUBOV


The artist ETOLUBOV (@etolubov) shared her beauty secrets with the readers of

I am quite conservative in personal care, and what I fell in love with many years ago, I use to this day. Of course, I follow what’s new on the beauty industry market and listen to professionals, but more often I return to proven, favorite products and tools.

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Stage 1 – cleansing

My facial treatment starts with washing my face. I love intensive cleansing – so that the face “creaks” from cleanliness. I love clean skin very much and have been devoted to Zein Obagi Gentle cleanser for many years (RUB 3750)

Based on the sensations, once a week or two I use gamma – exfoliating scrub from Clinique (2750 rub.)… One of my favorite remedies, which I do not change.

New in my beauty wardrobe: Cle De Peau Beaute synactif soap (8500 rub.)… I bought this wonderful soap with hyaluronic acid just a week ago, and so far I really like the effect. It cleans gently and you don’t even need to apply moisturizers afterwards! I alternate it with my beloved Obagi.

Stage 2 – toning

I use Valmont Vital Falls Energizing Facial Toner (RUB 8420)… Very lightweight without weighting components.

Stage 3 – hydration

When my skin is in good condition – not overdried due to flights, dry climate or some other factors, then I just need to apply a light serum. The product is specially prepared for me in the clinic of aesthetic medicine, based on my skin type, my needs and the season. Most often, it is an ultra-light moisturizer to nourish and radiant skin. If my skin needs deeper care, I use Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Plus Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Crème, my favorite and unchanged for many years. (from 5962 rub.)… Cosmetologists are ironic about my choice, but it is he who suits me the most. And it also serves me as the most ideal base for tonal fluid.

There are several ambulance products in my makeup bag:

Talika Bubble Mask Bio-Detox Detox Mask (890 rub.)… Since I am on flights most of the time, my skin does not respond well and can sometimes look tired. In moments like this, I always turn to this remedy. The effect appears in 10-15 minutes – after the mask, the face shines, the skin looks full and moisturized, as if after a SPA.

Biocyte CRYO-mask (1600 rub.) a good helper during periods of filming and a busy schedule, when there is a lack of sleep and, as a result, puffiness. I buy or order it from France. For me, only it really works.

By Terry Baume De Rose Lip Care (3920 rub.) – an absolute must-have. In winter, when our lips are prone to dryness, it is irreplaceable. I can apply it as a mask at night and in the morning the skin of the lips is restored.

Beauty secret: all masks, creams, serums and all cosmetics in general, except for cleansers, I store in the refrigerator.

I have a special love for eyebrows. I take care of them every night before bed. Using BBB London Nourishing Brow Oil (RUB 1412)


I change shampoos periodically, but I have been using the same hair mask for many years. Frequent styling during photo shoots and filming does not have a very good effect on the health of the hair, so I regularly take care of them and do professional care. At home, DSD De Luxe Keratin Treatment Mask No. 4.3 helps me (4025 rub.)


I love Japanese cosmetics PLATHLONE, namely, a body mask. This is the best I’ve ever tasted. It is advisable to walk in it for at least an hour and a half, and it is better to do a massage with its use, if possible. Afterwards, you can skip using moisturizers for several days!

If we talk about creams, then I’m crazy about LA MER The Body Creme (RUB 14,990)… It moisturizes the skin very well and gives it radiance.

I would also like to mention the beloved ST BARTH. I absolutely do not use perfume and try to choose cosmetics with neutral or minimal scent. But in this case, the effect of the cream overcomes my dislike for bright aromas. And of all ST BARTH creams – LIGNE ST. BARTH body lotion scented vanilla (RUB 4810) the most suitable scent for me. I have been using this cream for a very long time, once I tried it in SPA and fell in love with the first touch of the skin.


I use BAEHR SINNES OASE hand and nail oil, Schere Nagel cuticle oil pencil and my nails have nothing but EL CORAZON treatment coating. With this home care set, I practically stopped using salon manicure procedures. My hands just stopped needing it.