18 August 2021

It is very difficult to maintain the health and beauty of hair in our time. Constant exposure to the sun and frost without a headdress, the use of thermal devices, washing the head in hot chlorinated water, all these seemingly harmless and already familiar procedures have a very negative effect on our hair. And unfortunately, only not many people know that in addition to washing, hair needs additional care.

In this article, we will tell you what includes basic care for hair that is not damaged by environmental factors, and intensive care aimed at improving the condition of the hair.

Basic hair care products

hair care products


This tool should be in the arsenal of any person. When choosing a shampoo, you need to consider your hair type. When choosing, you should not pay attention to a marketing move like “against split ends”, “to restore hair structure.” The only purpose of the shampoo is to wash off dust, dirt and sebum from the hair and scalp, with other problems, masks, serums, etc. are already struggling.

Conditioner balm (conditioning)

Since clean hair is more vulnerable to the effects of the external environment, it is necessary to use a conditioner, which helps to protect it from damage from sunlight, thermal devices, and combing. Hair becomes more manageable and softer. Also, the conditioner helps to fill the hair scales in order to avoid moisture loss.


Stylists recommend including masks in their basic care, along with shampoo and conditioner, since conditioner works only superficially, while masks nourish hair, fight hair loss, strengthen and protect at a deeper level, because they have a more acidic pH environment, they penetrate into the deep layers of the hair and work with the structure.

Thermal protection

Another reason for brittle and dull hair is the lack of thermal protection in your hair care. When exposed to thermal devices on the hair (drying with a hairdryer, curling curls with a curling iron, straightening with an iron), the use of thermal protection is strictly NECESSARILY!

Intensive care

Basic care is sufficient if you have healthy and beautiful hair. If your hair is damaged, grows slowly, falls out, then you need to add more “serious” products.

Scalp massage

The massage promotes blood circulation, as a result of which, hair growth is stimulated. Accordingly, in order to achieve a visible effect, massage should be done regularly.

scalp massage

Scalp peeling

Trichologists say that for proper nutrition of the hair follicles, you need to cleanse the scalp once a week (with the help of scrubs and peels), for the best effect of masks and serums.

Scalp peeling

Ampoule care

It is a complex of vitamins and minerals formulated to deeply restore hair structure, improve blood flow and nourish the scalp.

Hair ampoules

Based on this article, many of you may find a “salvation” for your hair, someone will support their knowledge, and someone will take note of the information provided. Anyway, we hope this article was helpful to you.