19 August 2021

The eternal timeless classics of the “square” hairstyle will not cease to be one of the favorite hairstyles of women with emphasized stylistic geometry and a complete absence of static. “Kare” is valuable for the opportunity to create a whole system of images – individual, capacious, meaningful, offering the creation of your own image with a storyline and even a program.

Modern trends have long defined one of the most eclectic trends in fashion behind the bob haircut, based on decorative “Art Deco”, combining the distinctive features of strict hairstyle construction with geometric shape, richness of colors and all kinds of patterns when dyed. Kare is luxury, chic, graphic shocking, but also a simultaneous evolution of the image of a modern independent woman.

One of the hairstyle options, symbolizing aesthetic everyday life and sentimental “Egyptomania”, remains an asymmetrical bob with its own hint of a complete absence of canon, but in fact adhering to extremely strict rules of construction.

Sensual asymmetry

The classic bob hairstyle is based on combining lengths, when a perfectly even geometric cut is created for all hair, while the asymmetry of the hairstyle presupposes a versatile game, with which you can combine not only lengths, but also different shapes.

The expressive methods used by the master to create subtle asymmetry can be not only obvious when one side is made noticeably shorter than the other, but individual strands in combination with a tapered bang, turning into a long strand or without bangs on hair of medium length or short, can create asymmetry. with an emphasis on the parting.

Asymmetrical classic square

The classic asymmetrical square is performed most often on elongated hair and without bangs to emphasize the different lengths of the strands framing the oval of the face. The difference can be up to 10 centimeters or more, so this haircut option is suitable for any type of face.

During styling, the hair is laid behind the ear, and the long side is pulled out as smoothly as possible over the eyes, while it is permissible to twist the ends of the strands slightly inward. The smoothness of the hair creates the effect of a satin shine, but it should be remembered that such a hairstyle requires not only careful, but also constant styling and maintaining its shape. Unkempt hair is not only not neat, but also creates the feeling of an uneven haircut.

Asymmetric graduated square

Asymmetry is perfectly executed in the case of creating such a versatile haircut as a graduated square. The gradual graduation, once proposed by Vidal Sassoon, combined with his five-point haircut technique, creates a hairstyle that looks always well-groomed, without much time spent drying and styling.

The asymmetry with or without bangs gives the graduated square a style and elegant finish. When, in addition to lateral asymmetry, you can choose the asymmetry of the bangs or leave the temporal strands longer.

Unlike the classic straight square, graded can be performed on curly hair and can also be short or elongated. A similar haircut with torn ends of the strands is ideal when creating a romantic image or light negligence, windy charm. Graduations are great at correcting imperfections and are perfect for oval, rectangular or round faces.

Asymmetrical leg square

Sophisticated, sophisticated, not suitable for everyone – this is it, a bob hairstyle on a leg, opening a thin long neck, emphasizing the nape line with a hat while maintaining the classic original bob shape.

An extravagant look created with a square on a leg can be enhanced by asymmetrically decorating individual side strands or bangs with a “wedge”. Such a haircut design will always be individual, based on the proportions and facial features, but a more spectacular hairstyle is perhaps difficult to find in modern trends. An asymmetrical square on a leg looks advantageous with a triangular or oval face type.

Let’s dwell on a few nuances with coloring. A square on a leg is recommended primarily for brunettes, since dark shiny hair is ideally emphasized by the geometry of an asymmetric shape and the grace of lines.

The haircut itself does not exclude the most extravagant coloring options from cold highlighting to contrasting bronzing or pixel coloring. It all depends on personal preference and the desire to emphasize your own individuality.

Square with bangs “cone” (angle)

The bangs “cone” or the general name of a bob with an angle is an asymmetric modification of a bob with lengthening. This is a combination of a square on a leg with an elongated bang, turning into a side strand that falls to the shoulder with a small or contrasting difference in lengths.

Such a hairstyle is an excellent choice for both curly and straight hair and its versatility is easy in further care, very variable, since it allows, in addition to classic styling, to use trendy bouffants, “coca”, “bananas”, and all types of curls are not excluded or curls.

Fashion trends

The relevance of the square at all times lies in lightness and freedom and, of course, the obligatory style of the haircut itself, uncomplicated self-care are the main features that create the pattern and image.

Modern, avant-garde hairstyles allow you to play differently with bangs with a classic blunt cut or the Vidal Sassoon method, or using the torn ends or “feathers” technique, creating complex silhouette layers.

The asymmetrical bob perfectly reflects fashion trends, reflecting with complex simplicity the uniqueness of the hairstyle, femininity and style of the image. Hairdressing masters have made complex designs a favorite of trends, creating real diamond facets when decorating the ends of the strands with the filigree technique.

The improvement and availability of modern dyeing methods allow you to create unconventional types of haircuts, expressing your own originality and creative approach when creating an image. Elegant blonding and strict two-tone coloring of hair both in longitudinal and transverse design will favorably emphasize the chic square. Brunettes will be happy to try on fashionable amber or gold highlights with natural shades, not to mention the techniques of shatush or balayazh, as well as strict monochromatic dark shades of “crow’s wing” and dark chocolate and dark caramel.