19 August 2021

Throughout his life, a person has been conquered by the magic of dance, as part of his culture, upbringing, therapy, and for some, dancing from a hobby becomes a profession. People dance everywhere – in discos, at home, on the street, but one of the most beautiful modern types of dance sports was, is and still is ballroom dancing.

The parquet dance floor is demanding and young dancers from the first steps learn the essence and philosophy of dance, when the result of hard training and a ceremonial appearance, including an elegant costume, makeup and special hairstyles for ballroom dancing, are intertwined in an elegant way.

Hairstyle as an element of the dance image

Ballroom dance hairstyles for girls are an essential element of the traditional dance style.

The dance tradition in ballroom dancing consists of two compulsory programs – European, including classical waltz, foxtrot, and others. Another program is dynamic and fast-paced Latin American dances such as samba, rumba or paso doble.

According to the content for each program and each dance, their own hairstyles are created.

Slow Viennese waltz suggests a long flared dress for a girl in combination with a classic hairstyle with a low or high bun and an open neck.

Latin American dances they are democratic in their impetuous essence and imply such “movable” elements of the cut in clothes, as flounces or fringes, and in the same way a hairstyle can be with “movable” elements, for example, a braid or a tail.

European classics

The very name “European” already contains certain rules and requirements for both the costume and the hairstyle, which should be, first of all, classical, but not interfere with the dance of either the partner or the partner herself.

The philosophical “losing face” fully applies to all elements of a ballroom costume, and a hairstyle does not have the right to get disheveled or crumble to the floor with decorative elements, everything must hold on tightly and be carefully fixed.

In addition, there are several mandatory limiting rules for ballroom hairstyles for girls:

  • bulky high hairstyles are not recommended;
  • all types of hair extensions;
  • any elements with the effect of “shimmer” or sequins in the hair, this applies to both varnish and any hairpins;
  • color hair coloring.

It should be borne in mind that if the rules are not followed, the Chief Judge on the dance floor can make a remark to the performing couple, so the hairstyle should be combined with the dress, meet the rules, be very thoughtful and not very difficult to perform.

All types of elegant beams remain ideal for slow dances.

A variety of hairstyles with large soft or small strong buns will be the perfect choice for a ball gown hairstyle. They may be:

  • low, located on the line below the occiput;
  • middle position, directly on the back of the head;
  • high, located at the top of the head.

The choice of hairstyle with the location of the bun depends not only on the style of the dress, but, in particular, even the height of the partner matters.

If the couple is of the same height, then it is not recommended to choose a high hairstyle for the partner, so as not to be taller and not to disturb the general harmony of the dancing couple. Consider the option of creating a hairstyle with an elegant low bun and braids for the European program based on a low bun and a wave of French braid from the forehead through the temporal region to the back of the head.

This will require:

  • a hair dryer with a crevice nozzle;
  • curling tongs;
  • hair straightening irons;
  • mousse for extra strong styling or styling gel, depending on the type of hair;
  • several elastic bands for attaching individual strands;
  • invisible hairpins and hairpins without additional decorative elements;
  • massage brush;
  • double-sided comb with sparse and frequent teeth;
  • varnish;
  • decorative tape for fixing the bundle.

The hairstyle for demonstration performances in ballroom dancing is performed taking into account strength, accuracy, general strength, ease of implementation, and includes the following sequence of steps:

  1. On clean, well-dried hair, combed with a massage brush, apply ultra-strong fixation mousse along the entire length, and then comb with a double-sided comb, first with one side with medium teeth, then the other with more frequent teeth. This treatment will give your hair its original smoothness and silky shine.
  2. Separate a wide strand with the forehead and braid a French braid of three smaller strands, weaving into each subsequent “stitch” of the braid a strand only on the right, that is, performing the one-sided weaving method. Weave the braid, placing it on the “crown” principle over the forehead towards the temple and firmly fix the remaining tail with an elastic band. Arrange additional decorative items, such as flowers, at equal intervals, to match the dress.
  3. Collect the rest of the hair into a high tail, located above the back of the head, with the help of another elastic band. Comb the hair that is pulled into the ponytail with a comb with frequent teeth, so that not only strands, but even individual hairs are not knocked out of the hairstyle.

4. Collect the tail into a strong bun, securing it in a circle using ordinary hairpins.

  1. Continue weaving the French braid further from the temple towards the bun at the back of the head. Gently place the braid around the base of the bundle, also very neatly fixing it with hairpins decorated with flowers, placing them at regular intervals. Thus, the bun of the hairstyle will be decorated twice – the most oblique and hairpins with decorative elements.
  2. Spray the resulting hairstyle with strong hold varnish.

In addition to the master class, you should only recommend frequent workouts before the final weaving, which will form the skill of a more accurate and quick hairstyle that requires no more than 30 minutes of your time.

Latin american chic

When performing Latin American fiery samba or jive, most often girls are dressed in short competition dresses with “moving” elements – oblique trains or fringes. IN

Ballroom dancingWhen choosing a hairstyle for such a dance costume, one should also pay attention to possible “moving” elements of the hairstyle – a braid tail or even a fleece, but dance steps and turns in the dance should be taken into account so that the curls and tail do not whip the partner on the cheeks. Each dance of the competition program is a striving for victory, and therefore the thoughtfulness of the hairstyle is so important, the details of which should not interfere with either the partner herself or her partner.

Hispanic hairstyle can include the following elements:

  • bangs combed high on the side;
  • bangs curled in a wave or zigzag;
  • bangs tucked into a French braid;
  • bangs tucked into two Dutch temporal braids;
  • low fishtail located under the back of the head;
  • all kinds of beams – low and high.

As another recommendation, it should be mentioned that the hairstyle should not distract attention from the couple with any creative elements. When creating hairstyles for ballroom dancing for girls, give preference to conciseness, limiting yourself to a minimum of decoration in favor of neatness.

Such hairstyles effectively represent the couple and are combined with the clothes and the created image. The dance floor loves effect, imagination and refinement of every movement and element, something that always attracts attention.