Tone hair correction not only this season, but also, most likely, in the near future will continue to be an actual and widespread method and procedure for hair care, their tint color equalization, giving them a natural shine, smoothness and silkiness – the basis of the foundations health of hair and the female body as a whole.

Despite the fact that the highlighting technology is not the most gentle method for hair, requiring further care and sometimes hair restoration, nevertheless, the popularity of highlighting among owners of various colors and hair types is unlikely to ever pass, and despite the fact that all the modern world has turned its eyes to naturalness in lifestyle, natural and natural remedies, colors, etc.

Toning – hair coloring and care

To create a bright, spectacular, but natural shade of hair, a toning technique comes to the aid of highlighting, correcting the main hair color with shades of lightened strands.

Hair tinting

Toning is an ideal solution for all types of highlighted hair in the event that you need a quick color correction or as an addition of a touch of creativity to the main hair color, or in the case when the highlight itself is suddenly tired of the owner and she wants to update her image.

The advantage of toning is that using different techniques, you can quickly change your color or shade at home, and at the same time the toning technology itself is simple and does not harm the hair.

Dwelling on technology in more detail, it should be mentioned that toning can be done in two ways: using toning mousses, balms or shampoos, and a more complex toning option is carried out with an ammonia-free paint.

Toning with tint products

Tint products for light toning and beauty treatment of hair generally include mousses, after-wash balms, and tinted shampoos. All tinting agents have a gentle effect on the hair structure, since the dyes do not penetrate deeply into the hair, like ammonia dyes, but only create a surface non-aggressive film that gives the necessary shade.

Hair tinting

This type of coloring is not durable and is designed for a short period of time, but it is an excellent option when choosing a new shade or if you need to change the color for a special event, as well as when caring for hair, softening it, smoothing not only the hair structure itself, but also smoothing shades of contrasting highlighting for naturalness and naturalness.

The methods of using the tinted shampoo are offered by the manufacturers themselves, depending on their own shade of hair, but the sequence is usually similar:

  1. Before applying the tinted shampoo, thoroughly moisturize and comb your hair.
  2. Use a fine-toothed comb to distribute the tinted shampoo through damp hair and leave for a while, as recommended by the instructions for use.
  3. Once again moisturize the hair with a thorough lathering shampoo and rinse thoroughly.
  4. You can dry your head both naturally and with a hairdryer.

The resulting shade creates the effect of naturalness and a smooth transition of the shade by combining one palette of the main hair color with a lighter shade of highlighted strands without contrast or excessive brightness.

Toning with ammonia-free dyes

Hair tinting

Toning highlighted hair with semi-permanent dyes is more persistent and changes its own color and the color of the highlighted strands, enhancing the chosen fashionable pastel shade.

The toning shades of the honey palette will add golden shine or red copper to the hair, in the case of using dark shades, light strands can sparkle with bright creativity, for example, the color of a raven wing on highlighted strands can sound blue, and chestnut color can sound like pastel milk chocolate.

And again, in addition to obtaining a new shade, which means a new image, toning takes care of the hair, evens out the hair structure, smoothes the hair scales, which makes the hair smooth, shiny, with iridescence and play of color.

For toning at home you will need:

  • tint ammonia-free or semi-permanent paint;
  • container for mixing paint;
  • paint brush;
  • a comb with fine and frequent teeth;
  • foil for highlighted strands;
  • protective equipment – gloves, a towel and a cape.

The method of toning highlighted strands will depend on the main shade of the hair, how light or, conversely, dark, and obtaining the desired shade.

It is recommended for fair-haired people to tint the streaked strands for a shorter time, usually about 15-20 minutes, brunettes tint their hair in lighter colors and leave paint on the strands for 25-30 minutes.

Toning not only colors, but nourishes and maintains the hair structure, and therefore the paint can be applied to freshly washed hair.

  1. The first stage of toning highlighted hair is to determine the desired shade and in deciding whether only the lightened strands will be tinted or everything will be tinted. Depending on this, calculate the required amount of tinting paint.
  2. At the second stage, as with conventional staining, it is recommended to divide the head into 4 main sectors: the back of the head, the bangs and the crown area divided into two equal sectors. Then the hair in the sectors is divided into equal strands. In the case of toning only the ends of the lightened strands, it is necessary to carefully separate and fix only the highlighted strands.
  3. The third stage includes the very toning of the selected shade and method. For example, you can tint your hair with such a fashionable and modern ombre technique, when the roots and ends of the hair become the same color, and the entire middle of the hairstyle remains in a different shade. Having chosen the dye as close as possible to the main color, it is necessary to apply it to the edges of the hair strictly to a certain height and leave to dye for 15-20 minutes. Then you can wash off the dye, or “stretch” it further through the hair and leave it on for no more than 5 minutes to even out the overall color shade of the hair and streaked strands.

Toning: video

Care and protective properties of toning on highlighted hair

Hair tinting

Most often, toning is done with the access of oxygen, by dyeing in the open air, therefore, with light toning, you can use a hairdryer to heat the strands, since the increased temperature allows the dye to penetrate better and deeper into the hair structure. In addition, oil compound dyes and vitamin-containing elements nourish dry and porous streaked strands, help maintain the shade, which in the best way affects the health and appearance of injured hair and the power of various colors of modern dyeing products allows hair to remain bright, glowing is still the main advantage and adornment of any woman.

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