19 August 2021

The aurora haircut was invented by masters from Italy several decades ago. Italian roots are immediately visible in it – such a refined symbiosis of enthusiasm and sophistication could not have been achieved by masters from other countries. Aurora is a haircut for those women who value their individuality highly, who value style and quality for everyone. Despite the fact that the idea of ​​a hairstyle is not new, it remains in demand and is very popular with millions of women.

The hairstyle is based on a cascading haircut, which is feminine and incredibly attractive on hair of various lengths. It is for this reason that the haircut never goes out of fashion.

What haircut options are there for Aurora?

The amazing cascading hairstyle can be done on any hair length. Perhaps the main requirement is that the hair must be obedient. A haircut is relevant for a lady at any age – such a haircut will help young ladies create a bright, memorable style, and for older women such a haircut is an opportunity to look younger and more attractive.

Haircut Aurora for long hair

Aurora’s haircut for long hair makes the whole look sophisticated and romantic. gentle airy. A girl with such a hairstyle constantly catches the admiring glances of the surrounding men. The volume of the hairstyle is achieved through multi-layer strands, which are milled at the ends.

As in any other embodiment of the haircut, Aurora on long hair cannot remain without bangs. Choosing a bang option is necessary in accordance with your appearance, as well as with style. The bangs can be made classically – in the form of a horseshoe, as well as in a straight and oblique design.

Surprisingly, a long hairstyle suits both curly and straight hair. The main attention during the work of the master hairdresser should be paid to the length of the created lock and to the bangs. The cascade in this design is universal, so there is an opportunity to choose the optimal and non-trivial hairstyle for girls with any face shape:

  • for a square face, the best option is a haircut with “torn” hair ends, this will hide the angularity of the forms;
  • there are no restrictions on hairstyles for the reference oval face shape, you can choose the one you like;
  • chubby girls need to choose a haircut with elongated strands, as well as a high-quality profiled bangs;
  • a haircut is suitable for a triangular face, which conceals the angularity of the chin and cheekbones, so a special volume of the hairstyle should fall on these places, but the bangs are done at will.

Aurora haircut for short hair

Aurora on short hair has gained special love from women who live in an accelerated rhythm, go in for sports and from those who have no time or simply too lazy to do styling every day. this hairstyle looks very magnificent. This effect is achieved due to multi-layer strands, the nape of the haircut is short, the strands begin to lengthen closer to the oval of the face. Styling for such a haircut is practically not required, but you will have to visit the hairdresser regularly. The regrown strands on such a hairstyle look untidy and kill all the presentability of the hairstyle.

Haircut Aurora for medium hair

Aurora on medium hair is easy enough and is considered a classic hairstyle. This haircut option is suitable for almost any woman, and also does not cause trouble. Multi-layered strands by themselves give a considerable amount of volume to the hairstyle, and therefore you don’t have to do it with your hands. Frequent visits to the hairdressing salon do not have to be applied, since a haircut even with slightly regrown hair looks impressive.

Haircut Aurora: video tutorial

In this video you will see the Aurora haircut technology

Pros and cons of Aurora

The biggest disadvantage of a haircut is that it should not be done for girls whose hair is excessively curly, disobedient or very fluffy. Of course, if you can afford to spend a lot of time styling your hair, spinning in front of a mirror, then you can do Arora. But, in this case, you should not do a haircut at home, that is, unprofessional. In order for Aurora to become an adornment, and not a hairstyle that is bashfully hidden under a hat, trust the haircut only to professional masters.

The advantage of the Aurora haircut is the ease of caring for it. If you are a happy owner of equal. soft, obedient hair, then styling does not have to bother at all. It’s amazing, but even after washing your head and drying your hair, Aurora will remain in its original, stunning form.

Stages of creating a haircut Aurora

As already mentioned, the haircut is based on an ordinary cascade. which is not difficult at all. If you have quality sharp clippers and thinning scissors, then even if you are not a trained hairdresser, you can do this. The difficulty category of Aurora’s hairstyle is medium.

So, a step-by-step plan for creating a haircut:

  1. Creating a haircut begins with determining the desired length and choosing a bang.
  2. Hair must be properly wetted.
  3. You need to start a haircut with several strands, which will become control ones, it is on them that you need to navigate when cutting the rest of the strands.
  4. Each treated part of the hair is trimmed immediately after trimming. This is how the maximum volume of the hairstyle is achieved, the original layering.
  5. The haircut is formed according to the principle of a ladder, that is, the face has the shortest, and gradually their length increases.
  6. Step by step following the algorithm described above will help to create a slightly sloppy, charming and simply amazing hairstyle.

When choosing a bang, it is important to decide which one it will be and perform it in the intended style. The most popular are straight, oblique and horseshoe-shaped bangs. Whichever option you choose, the most important thing is to remember to go over your bangs with thinning scissors. If you don’t. then the bangs will look heavy and hammered in from the general background of an airy and light, like a spring breeze, a cascade.

Haircut Aurora – for women who are open, not afraid of change and even daring. Such a hairstyle will give a zest to a woman, make her more attractive and attractive. If you want to change something in your life, then do the Aurora hairstyle – this will be the first step to happiness!