19 August 2021

The hat haircut appeared in the sixties of the last century, then it was insanely popular both among young people and among quite mature ladies. Today, the fashion for this original, and in some cases extravagant hairstyle has returned. However, time has also made its own adjustments – today, a hairstyle for long hair is considered the most stylish.

Who is the haircut for?

This type of haircut is unique in that it combines two types of hairstyles at once – voluminous short and smooth long. It is worth making a reservation right away – such a haircut is not suitable for lazy or too busy young ladies who deal with their hair from time to time. The cap requires regular visits to a professional hairdresser (at least once a month), as it quickly loses its shape. Hair for such a hairstyle should be perfectly groomed and healthy.

The indisputable advantage of a haircut is that this variation – combining long and short hair together – is suitable for absolutely any type of face. If the original version of the haircut was performed on very short hair and was not suitable for every girl in view of its originality and length, then this option is a real compromise, allowing you to get an original hairstyle and not part with long curls.

Haircut options

The originality of the hairstyle does not end with the amazing combination of radically different hair lengths. When creating a hairstyle, you need to decide which option is most preferable for you:

  • lower, elongated hair cut exactly, one level at a time;
  • the lower hair is cut in a cascade or ladder;
  • the shortened hair is cut along one line, and the bangs are cut in a semicircle, from the “hat” is the transition to long hair;
  • only the hair on the temples and bangs are cut in the form of a hat, the rest of the hair remains long.

The most creative is the classic version of this kind of haircut, which is complemented by strands of different lengths in the nape and temples. This type of haircut is the most demanding for styling and care – it will not be possible for a day to do without drying hair with a hairdryer and adjusting an already finished hairstyle in various ways. If these requirements are not met, then all the charm and perkiness of the hairstyle will fade and will not be noticeable.

The haircut option for long hair can even be completely extraordinary. But right away it is worth making a reservation – this hairstyle is suitable exclusively for courageous natures. So, the haircut looks like this:

  • on the one hand, the hair remains as long as possible,
  • on the other, a short hat is being cut.

How to style a hairstyle-cap?

The easiest way to style your hair into the desired hairstyle is with a round brush, hairdryer and brushing (large curlers are also suitable). Long hair should be kept straight and the ends should be rolled inward to achieve a voluminous cap effect.

Haircut beanie

For attending special events, styling is suitable, made as follows: long hair should remain straight, and bouffant is done on short hair. With this hairstyle, you will be irresistible.

Using a regular curling iron, you can make delicate curls on long hair. This hairstyle looks amazingly romantic and if you do it before a date, then your gentleman will be smitten with your beauty.

Styling with elements of weaving and braids on a hairstyle is just indescribably beautiful. This styling option can be done both for going to a celebration, and as an everyday one.

Hairstyles in the form of buns, shells and similar options are perfect for both sports and walking around the city, gatherings in a friendly company and in general. for daily wear. The advantage of this styling is that it is created almost instantly, that is, with such a hairstyle you can go “to a feast and to the world.”

How to make a haircut yourself a hat

Of course, a professional hairdresser can do a haircut quickly and without blemishes, but such work is also worth a lot. To significantly save your own finances, you can do a haircut yourself or ask for help in creating a hairstyle from someone close to you.

In order to create a stunning beauty haircut, you will need tools:

  • regular scissors for haircuts (hairdressing);
  • thinning scissors;
  • a hairpin to secure the strands;
  • comb-comb, if you are planning a hairstyle with bangs;
  • a hairpin or an elastic band in order to fix the hair during a haircut.

An elongated haircut-cap is performed in several stages, while manipulations must be carried out exclusively on moist hair.

  1. Hair needs to be combed properly, as well as – to separate the side strands and part of the hair at the temples.
  2. The strands remaining at the temples are divided in half, the upper strand and the lower strand are obtained. One strand must be removed behind the ear, and the second must be trimmed (make an oblique cut). All other strands should be cut relative to the first cut.
  3. The hair on the back of the head is divided into 2 parts by a horizontally located parting, the upper part is for the “hat”, the lower part remains long. At this stage, the upper part must be secured with a clip or elastic band.
  4. Long hair is combed and trimmed properly.
  5. Hair for the “cap” is cut with an even cut, around the circumference. They are oriented relative to the length of the strand that was cut first.
  6. Hair is milled.

That’s all – the original, bold, interesting, intricate haircut is ready. Now you can show off in front of the mirror, rejoicing in your new self.

If you want to attract maximum attention to yourself, then do not just make a short cap on one side of your head, but do it super short so that you can shave your temple. Of course, such a hairstyle will require daily adjustments (regrowing shaved hair will ruin the whole presentability of the hairstyle), so caring for it is rather tedious. With all this, the sensation made among others is worth your efforts.