19 August 2021

Short haircuts have always been considered practical and attractive, so stylists come up with new variations of them. But some hairstyles are borrowed from the past and give them another life. This is exactly what the hairstyle of a hat for short hair is, which came into modern fashion from the second half of the 20th century.

Haircut beanie

Previously, this hairstyle was associated with a sporty style, but now everything has changed, it is done and
business women, and women of fashion who want to draw attention to their person.

Haircut beanie

The hat got its name due to the peculiarities of the silhouette, which is distinguished by softness and smooth contours, but at the same time has a clear structure. Such a hairstyle can turn even the thinnest and most unruly hair into a light and lush head.

Haircut beanie

The main characteristics of the haircut beanie

The characteristic contour of this haircut is a smooth, rounded edging line. At the crown, the hair should be of sufficient length and volume, just below there is a smooth transition to short strands on the parietal and temporal regions. There are no sharp drops, sharp corners in the hairstyle, all lines should be soft. Thick bangs are an obligatory attribute.

Haircut beanie

Owners of a haircut and a hat will have to regularly visit a hairdresser, so that the hairstyle does not lose its expressiveness and sophistication due to regrown strands, this should be done at least once every 5 weeks, and for those ladies who have curls growing quickly – every 3 weeks.

Haircut beanie

But, perhaps, this is the only “minus” of the hairstyle of the hat, otherwise it is characterized only from the positive sides.

Haircut beanie

Varieties of haircuts “cap for short hair”

Haircut hat with bangs for short hair:

Haircut cap in layers for short hair:

Haircut beanie for short hair:

The main advantages of a hairstyle hat:

  • the hairstyle gives even thin and brittle strands a well-groomed look;
  • a haircut perfectly helps to soften some facial features and make them more pleasant, for example, visually compensate for a too massive chin, wide cheekbones or a very protruding nose due to its volume;
  • the hairstyle of the hat is laconic and simple, but it brings some zest and special chic to the image of any girl;
  • a woman of any age with such a haircut immediately drops several years and looks younger, since the hairstyle favorably opens the face, emphasizes the neck, and gives grace;
  • the hairstyle of the hat is as easy to clean as possible – it does not require complex styling;
  • a simple haircut allows you to change its shape at any time if you want, for example, to cut the bangs asymmetrically or to make torn strands – and a new look is ready.

Layered bob haircut

Care and styling

The good thing about the hairstyle is that hair care does not require large financial or time costs, even with minimal effort, the hairstyle will always look stylish. For shampooing, it is recommended to use shampoos and balms with a smoothing effect, and for styling, a hair dryer, a round brush and a small amount of styling agent will be enough.

But in view of the brevity of the hairstyle and the short length of the hair, the owners of the hairstyle of the hat will have to come to terms with the fact that there are a minimum of styling options, but even in this case, you can dream up.

To create volume on the head, wet curls must be treated with styling foam and dried with a hairdryer, while lifting the strands at the roots using brushing. To give the hairstyle a beautiful shape and completeness, the hair needs to be combed with a comb with rare teeth and set the desired direction with your fingers.

The second styling option is strict. To create this look, you need to apply the gel to slightly damp strands and comb them back, making a parting at your discretion. Then the curls need to be dried, so they will hold their shape throughout the day. If you want to create a gentle and romantic look, you can simply complement your hairstyle with a beautiful hairpin with stones or in the form of a flower, tie a ribbon around your head or put on an elegant headband.

Who is suitable for a haircut beanie

The hairstyle has practically no restrictions, everyone can become its owner, regardless of age, lifestyle, type of face and state of hair. But at the same time, it is worth remembering that the hat, like any other short haircut, focuses on the facial features, although all this can be adjusted through minor hairstyle modifications.

So, a short haircut beanie, first of all, is suitable:

  • owners of triangular and square faces, since the hairstyle will allow you to correct the disharmony between the upper and lower parts, but ladies with a rectangular or round face are still advised to refuse such a haircut;
  • a haircut hat will help to visually balance a heavy or too wide forehead;
  • for owners of an oval face, the hairstyle will favorably emphasize its correct shape and draw attention to the eyes, giving them more expressiveness;
  • the ideal hairstyle will be for girls of short stature or prone to overweight, since it exquisitely emphasizes the smooth line of the neck, visually lengthens it, thereby stretching the overall silhouette;
  • a haircut with a cap on thin and smooth curls will look optimal – it will give them splendor and much-needed volume;
  • the hairstyle will look great on curls of any color, but it is better if the coloring is still monotonous, only vertical highlighting with smooth color transitions is allowed from multi-color coloring, but you will definitely have to refuse horizontal lines, since short strands in combination with this staining will look unaesthetic;
  • a hat and thick, heavy hair will perfectly arrange a haircut, make it visually much easier;
  • quite interesting and with a certain touch of negligence, such a hairstyle will look on slightly wavy strands, if desired, they can be straightened with an iron, but owners of hair that are too hard, curly, difficult to style should not be cut with a hat, otherwise they will have an untidy “dandelion” on their head.

The strict pattern of the hairstyle of the hat is harmoniously combined with its thin and smooth lines, the style is the same – laconic and at the same time incredibly feminine. Simple technique and minimal styling effort are the hallmarks of this hairstyle.