19 August 2021

Haircut for short hair has gained popularity during the existence of the USSR, but it still does not lose its relevance. This haircut is performed on hair of various lengths, but it is the short version that enjoys particular love.

This hairstyle fell in love with an uncountable number of women for the fact that it has a high-quality, non-fading volume and fits almost instantly. Oddly enough, but unlike most short haircuts, which are not suitable for all girls, a ladder haircut will suit any face oval. Choosing this haircut, you get not only a stylish and beautiful hairstyle, but also turn your image into a unique and original one.

How to make a ladder haircut at home?

The ladder is considered by professionals to be haircuts of medium complexity. It can be performed by both a salon master and any home-grown hairdresser.

Before you start performing a haircut, you need to study the algorithm for creating it. It consists of several steps, the sequence of which is not recommended to be broken.

Moisturized hair is divided into zones:

  1. bangs area,
  2. two occipital zones,
  3. two temporal zones;

The cutting process begins from the back of the head – one strand is pulled up and cut to the desired, suitable length, this strand will be the control one, you need to focus on it when cutting the rest of the hair;

  • the hair remaining on the back of the head is cut so that lengthening is obtained closer to the face, while it is important that the work is done carefully;
  • the haircut of the temples is performed by pulling the hair to the parting and pulling it to the crown; it is necessary to trim the hair exclusively at a right angle, focusing on the control, first trimmed strand;
  • with further haircut, it is also important to continue to adhere to the lengthening to the face;
  • the bangs are cut in the same way at a right angle, as even and neatly as possible;
  • the final stage is pulling all the hair to the control lock and trimming the uneven ends.

So the ladder haircut for short hair is ready. An important point when creating a haircut is that each strand below the previous one should be slightly longer. Also, you can perform a haircut not over the entire surface of the head, but only in certain areas, then you will get a creative and unlike any other hairstyle.

The bangs for a short hairstyle-ladder can be both classic, even, and more original – “torn”, oblique, asymmetrical, thinned, and so on. The choice of option depends only on your desires and preferences.

Who is the short haircut for?

For young ladies who have an oval face, this hairstyle, like everyone else, is perfect.

For chubby women with chubby cheeks, this hairstyle is also suitable, since the flowing locks will help cover up unnecessary roundness and the face will acquire more graceful outlines.

If you have thin, lifeless hair, completely devoid of volume, then this hairstyle will solve this problem, creating visual volume and density.

The correct styling for hairstyles with a ladder

Styling short hairstyles made with a ladder is done only with the help of special mousses, gels and other hair styling products. At the same time, it is necessary to straighten or twist the strands with your hands during the process in order to achieve the desired effect.

After the funds have been applied to the hair, it is necessary to dry them with a hairdryer, but you cannot make an excessively high temperature, otherwise the hot air currents will harm the hair, which is difficult to correct. And the disturbed hair structure will clearly not make the hairstyle presentable.

Hair can be styled using a special iron. They need to alternately pull the strands, and then do the same with the bangs. After completing the procedure, the hair can be sprayed with hairspray to keep the shape throughout the day.

For women with a round or oval face, stylists recommend styling with a mousse that adds volume, a round comb in the form of a brush and a hair dryer. In this case, the strands rise. are wound on a comb, dried. Then, the volume is fixed at the roots. The direction of the hairstyle should be from the face to the back of the head.

All types of hairstyles are performed quickly enough, simply and not burdensome. If you want to save time on styling your hair, then a ladder haircut is your option.

How to care for hair with a ladder cut?

A hairstyle in the form of a ladder practically does not require styling, it is easy to do and gives the young lady’s style a unique charm and charm. However, the hair still requires high-quality care so that there is a beautiful hairstyle on the head, and not hanging tow.

Hair care is not burdensome and does not take much time, but, nevertheless, it should be regular:

  • when drying hair with a hairdryer, with or without volumizing and fixing agents, be sure to apply thermal protection to the hair;
  • hair requires regular moisture, nourishing oils and conditioners;
  • if split ends appear, then measures should be taken to eliminate them immediately – use heated scissors, make masks for recovery;
  • visiting a hairdresser or salon to keep your haircut in perfect condition should be done regularly.

A ladder hairstyle is an excellent option for girls and women of all ages – it makes the older generation younger, and gives the young the opportunity to look creative and incendiary.

The beauty of a hairstyle is that it is performed on absolutely any hair: healthy and weakened, thick and thin, normal hair, dry and oily. This haircut option will help to create volume on the hair, where it is required and will make the whole image irresistibly positive.

Choosing a short hairstyle with a ladder, you get not only an amazing haircut that practically does not require maintenance, but also get charged with a magical, perky mood. Let yourself be the most beautiful!