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In recent years, girls are increasingly paying attention to retro looks. For example, the page haircut recently gained popularity again and reappeared on fashion catwalks. Throughout its history, it has experienced several “ups”, the most striking one was in the 20s of the last century, when the hairstyle became a kind of symbol in the struggle of women for equality. She found her second “life” in the 60s, thanks to the French singer Mireille Mathieu.

Haircut page

Over time, the hairstyle acquired new forms, received a variety of lengths, but its original version is still in fashion – a page for short hair.

Features of the page haircut

The page haircut is distinguished by smoothness, softness of lines and a spectacular volume. In the upper part of the head, the hair forms a kind of “cap”, while the strands on the sides elegantly frame the face. Thanks to these features, the image turns out to be incredibly delicate and feminine.

Many people confuse this haircut with a sesson hairstyle, however, the page can be easily recognized by the following signs:

  • prominently defined edges of the hairstyle;
  • the bangs form a single whole with the strands located on the sides;
  • the presence of thick and even bangs;
  • hair in the forehead is cut shorter than in the back of the head.

The short version of the page suggests that the strands slightly open the earlobe or reach the middle of the neck. It’s easy to add a fresh twist to your haircut by swapping your traditional straight bangs for asymmetrical, oblique, or torn bangs.

Haircut page

Due to the special technique of execution, the page gives the hair a splendor, visually increasing its volume. This hairstyle has other important advantages:

  1. the haircut does not require frequent correction, which saves time and money for visiting the salon;
  2. simple styling options that do not take much time to create both an everyday and a festive look;
  3. clear contours of the haircut perfectly emphasize expressive eyes and beautiful lips;
  4. competently designed hair remarkably retains its shape, despite weather conditions or wearing hats;
  5. the hairstyle helps to hide the irregularly shaped ears.

Haircut page

Who is the hairstyle for?

It is difficult to call a page a universal haircut, because of its characteristic features and unusual shape, it is not suitable for everyone. You can afford such a hairstyle:

  • graceful and fragile ladies, including those of short stature;
  • owners of thick and straight hair;
  • girls with a thin and beautiful neck;
  • ladies with an oval, square or rectangular face – the soft contour of the haircut will smooth out the “angularity” of the silhouette and make the features more delicate.

Plump ladies with a rounded face should give preference to other haircuts, as the page will make their figure more magnificent, and their face even wider. On thin and thin hair, the hairstyle will not keep its original shape, and the curly hair will have to be constantly straightened. The page highlights the imperfections of the face, so bags under the gases, a double chin, sagging loose skin, wrinkles are a reason to refuse this haircut.

Haircut page

There are no age restrictions for the hairstyle – both mature ladies and very young ladies can afford it. Formal suit, cocktail dress, ordinary jeans – the page goes well with any style of clothing and looks great in any situation.

Before you go to the salon and ask the master to make a page haircut, you should definitely evaluate all the nuances of your appearance, because it will not be easy to correct the situation later.

Execution scheme

Not every hairdresser will be able to perform this retro haircut in such a way that all lines and contours are perfect. Only a high-class professional will be able to cope with such a task, while he will certainly take into account the individual characteristics of a woman.

Haircut page

The technology for performing a page haircut consists of the following steps:

  1. after washing your hair, you should blot it with a towel so that the strands remain slightly damp;
  2. then it is necessary to separate part of the curls in the back of the head with a horizontal parting, stab the unused strands with clamps;
  3. in the selected area, select a control strand and cut it to the desired length;
  4. trim the entire layer, focusing on the control curl;
  5. select the next layer of hair with a comb and cut it, taking into account that the length of these strands should be a couple of millimeters longer than the first layer;
  6. now you need to comb the hair in the temporal region and cut off the bottom layer at the desired angle so that these curls smoothly connect with the strands on the back of the head;
  7. the front strands must be combed towards the face and cut off the bangs just below the level of the eyebrows (after drying and styling, it will become shorter);
  8. you should cut the entire hair in layers, not forgetting that the strands of each subsequent layer should be slightly longer than the previous one;
  9. the final step is to dry the hair, curling the ends inward.

Video with the page haircut process

Hairstyle page

How to style your hair

It is very easy to style a page on your own for short hair; you do not need any special hairdressing skills for this. Consider several options for different occasions.

  1. For everyday classic styling, you need a little foam, a hairdryer and a round brush. A styling agent is applied to clean hair, the strands are slightly raised at the roots with a brush and dried with a hairdryer – this creates an effective root volume. Then the curls are pulled out with a brush, and the tips are slightly curled inward.
  2. If the ends of the curls, on the contrary, are curled outward, then you get a slightly daring and bold hairstyle. By the way, it will be an excellent option for any festive event and celebration.
  3. Looking for a gentle and romantic look? To do this, you just need to wind all the strands on curlers or with a curling iron, disassemble the curls with your fingers and give them the desired direction. The result is soft curls – a great decoration for an evening out or a date.
  4. You can give the image austerity if you treat the entire head of hair with gel and comb it back. This styling will look great in the office or in business negotiations.

A page haircut, so elegant and sophisticated, would be a great choice for confident ladies. The hairstyle will emphasize the great taste and sense of style of its owner.

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