19 August 2021

“Life on earth, halfway through”, we pay so much attention to staying young and healthy, not always putting our greatest personal achievements in the first place – self-confidence, knowledge of not only cosmetic issues, but also the secrets of a good mood, calmness and experience.

50 years is a relative age, and everyone understands that one should not weave pigtails a la Pippi Longstocking or tie ponytails to the complexion, nevertheless, modern fashion does not delineate age boundaries, making it possible to realize not only youth fashion trends, but and opening the field for experiments with shapes, colors and makeup for women of all ages.

The basic rule of a woman after fifty is not to look young, but to strive to look her best.

Taking care and caring for your own appearance – radiant skin, elegant makeup, tastefully selected stylish haircut – demonstrate a sleek and well-groomed look that is easily replaced by the phrase “ageless” and is so appreciated by every woman. And one of the main components of a woman’s image after fifty is a haircut and color, which stylists in professional salons will always help to determine. And a new image is always inspiration, emotional upsurge and moments of creative enlightenment.

Frames and prohibitions

The haircut “after fifty” excludes the “frame” approach, the modern approach tries to dictate a certain age-related “permissiveness”, long hair, haircuts on long hair, geometric coloring, torn “gavroches”, but …

Age style still limits the options for presenting the look and style after fifty, and there are still comments:

  1. Long hair is recommended to be worn not loose, but in the form of complex hairstyles.
  2. A very important point when choosing a haircut for any length is the mandatory clarity of the contours of the hairstyle.
  3. The next important factor is that the hairstyle can be classically complex, but in no case is it overloaded with details or even more quirks.
  4. Shocking ultra-short haircuts will look good on owners of strict classic facial features, large expressive eyes and toned shapes.
  5. You can be an artist in your soul or in reality, but in no case should you, after fifty, use a multi-color palette when painting, especially bright doll colors. Shades of paints should be in harmony with the natural skin color and taking into account the soft makeup.

Haircut for long hair

As already mentioned, stylists do not recommend wearing long, loose hair after fifty. In the case of long haircuts, careful styling and hairstyles are always welcome.

What can you advise? Of course, all kinds of low tufts located at the base of the occiput. Elegant accessories can be used when shaping the bun, you can release several strands on the sides of the face. As well as using bangs that fall asymmetrically to one side.

All types of retro hairstyles, that is, the 1940s of the last century, will look perfect on ladies.

That style has been especially loved in recent years by designers and fashion designers and, apparently, retro styling is not going to go out of fashion, because something more feminine and elegant is still to be looked for.

To create a hairstyle in the “militarized” style of the 40s, you will need:

  • styling mousse;
  • round curling iron to create curls;
  • accessories for fixing curls, hairpins, invisibility, hairpins;
  • fixing curls varnish.

Retro hairstyle is ideal for long or medium length hair. And it is a high wavy pile in the front with fixation with accessories in the supratemporal region and loose curls left behind.

  1. First, you should divide clean, dried hair into four conditional sectors, focusing on the parting. The parting can be either straight or asymmetrical on the right or left side.
  2. Each sector, in turn, separate the longitudinal strands and apply the styling mousse along the entire length.
  3. When designing curls, the task is not to get a strong curly strand, but only to give each strand a wave. For this, either medium-sized heat rollers, or a curling iron with a diameter of 3-3.5 cm, or a brush of the corresponding diameter and a hairdryer are best suited. Using any of the proposed options, wind each strand.
  4. Comb the hair from the forehead from the two front sectors on the inside and, sprinkling the fleece with varnish, lay it to the back of the head either with a parting, or marking the base of the parting with a strand twisted into a ring. The bouffant laid in this way should be fixed in the supratemporal area on the sides of the head with hairpins, leaving the back curled curls loose.

The same principle underlies the styling, using weaving lateral supratemporal braids, followed by fixing the hair from the back of the head in a soft bun or leaving the curls freely falling on the back.

Haircut for medium length hair

Let’s start right away with the bangs. Any form of haircut – bob or bob and derivatives from basic haircuts is recommended to be accompanied by a long braid or straight bangs combed to one side. A haircut with elegant bangs always adds youth, perfectly frames the face and creates a chiaroscuro effect on the face.

One of the important points to pay attention to is the mandatory clarity of the contours of the hairstyle. The hairstyle can be classically complex, but by no means overloaded with details or even more fads. Age style still limits the options for presenting the look and style after fifty.

Elegant square

It is preferable to choose an elegant “shoulder-length” bob for the owner of thick curly or straight hair, since the bob has been, is and will be a style icon with its traditionally oriental stylization, which has forever conquered women’s hearts and taste. The bob can be chosen with or without bangs.

Women over fifty with a beautiful neck shape can afford both a square on a leg and any other type of asymmetry.

Cascades and layers

Layered classic bob, all types of cascading hairstyles also belong to a style that is timeless and ageless. Light and attractive layering makes it possible to try on a new image every time, modeling your own style from elegant to military, forgetting absolutely about boredom and monotony.

Haircut for short hair

Pixie … So cheerful, easy to care for, but so obliging and difficult to perceive. But in fact, creative natures, whole with a huge supply of energy and love, will be perky “pixies” and even “garcon”.

And the trendy “silver style” that has swept across countries and continents in a wave that has touched all fashionistas from small to large, and not just those who are over … Voluminous milled pixie strands are ideal as straight, and on curly hair, and the forehead is ideally covered with a suitable length of bangs.

Garson, with his emphatically unmatched lengths of strands, will add a hooligan touch that looks through the prism of a true lady, whole, stylish, but insanely feminine.