19 August 2021

Growing long hair is a big win. They attract the eyes of men and envy women. But owners of long curls also face separate problems. One of them is how to add volume to long hair. After all, thick hair most often pulls the ends down, while removing any volume. The problem can be solved in many ways.

Professional cosmetics

Syoss line

Professional shampoos and masks have always been more effective than simple products. Leaving their hairdresser or salon, every time you notice that the styling looks gorgeous and its effect ends only after washing your hair. At home, trying to repeat the miracle that the hairdresser has done, nothing comes of it. It depends not only on the skill of the stylist, but also on the properties of professional cosmetics.

They are excellent in the presence of proteins and keratins in their composition. Shampoos from such series not only add volume, but also heal hair. They are also free of silicones, which can quickly contaminate the scalp. Switching to more expensive professional shampoos will add volume to long hair.

Haircuts and styling

Styling haircut cascade

Haircut “cascade” visually gives a good volume to the hair. And with the right approach to styling, the volume lasts until the next wash. “Layered cascade” is a haircut in which the strands are made from top to bottom in different lengths. First, it even visually increases the volume. Secondly, by styling the top (shortest) strands of hair with a hairdryer and a round brush, the hairstyle will become truly spectacular. To maintain the effect, it is additionally recommended to use foams and hair gels.

Coloring your hair with several colors will also help to visually add volume to your hairstyle. The main thing here is the selection of a skilled craftsman. Coloring itself looks spectacular, and the well-stocked hand of a professional will bring the haircut and coloring to mind.


Hair extensions have become a fairly common hairdressing service. This pleasure is not entirely cheap, but before an important event or celebration you can not be stingy. Hair after extension usually lasts about three months. Someone does this procedure once, and someone resorts to it all year round. Everyone decides for himself whether he needs this service and whether it is worth his money. After extension, the hair becomes long (depending on the client’s desire), thick and lush.


Hairstyle curls

The essence of perm is the treatment of hair with a special composition and giving the hair the desired shape. That is, after processing, the hair is twisted and takes the form of curls, depending on the wishes of the client. After curling, the hair is re-treated with another chemical agent, which fixes the effect of lush curls for several months.

After washing your hair, even without styling, the curls again take on the shape they received during the curling process. The most gentle and optimal types of curling are biowave and “silk wave”. The first type of curling is characterized by the absence of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide in the composition of the chemical that is applied to the hair. This is a pretty harmless but effective way to add volume to your hair. The second best way is the use of silk proteins when curling. Such a perm will give its owner a beautiful hairstyle and hair care in addition.

Simple homemade ways

At home, you can find a whole variety of simple ways and things with which you can make long hair voluminous. It is not always possible to guess about the use of familiar things for a different purpose:

  1. Large curlers… Usually, curlers produce flowing wavy hair. But they can also add volume to the hair. It is better to use Velcro curlers. They stick well to the hair and do not curl it. The application consists in lining the curlers under the roots of the upper strands of damp hair. You can wait until your hair dries naturally or blow dry. You can also use Velcro on dry hair, after lubricating the roots with hair foam.
  2. Scrunchy… It will be used to tie the hair in a ponytail. This is done before going to bed on slightly damp hair. Before this, the strands are gently lubricated with foam or styling gel. In the morning you will have amazing volume on your head. But the tail should not be tight. If there is a desire to acquire not only volume, but also light curls, then you need to pull the tail again with an elastic band, that is, make a “loop” of hair.
  3. Bread mask… Rye bread helps to add volume to the hair. It can be used as an ingredient in a mask or as part of a natural shampoo. A crust of bread is poured with water and pounded into a gruel with a fork. Instead of water, you can use decoctions of various herbs (oak bark, chamomile). The gruel is applied to the hair roots and left for a while. All this is easily washed off with water. Rye bread washes away grease well and gives soft volume to the hair.

Owners of long hair are very lucky. Someone has been raising them since childhood, someone has recently delved into the topic of growing curls. And minor hair care problems, such as little or no root volume, can be easily eradicated. The desire to perfect your beauty works wonders.