19 August 2021

Every woman has decided to dye her hair at least once. After all, a change in the color of curls for many women is associated with the beginning of a new life, a change in image and mood. Our mothers and grandmothers dyed their hair with basma, henna and special dyes. A modern girl has plenty to choose from, since methods and means for dyeing curls. They will be discussed in this article.


Do you want to create a bright and unique image? Highlighting will help you with this. This procedure involves lightening some strands. A true professional will perform highlighting so that the client’s hair acquires a glossy shine and multi-layering.

The higher the level of the beauty salon you visit, the more expensive the procedure will be. At the same time, craftsmen can guarantee the quality of their work.

Varieties of highlighting:

  • “Mjimesh”. To lighten the strand, a soft dye made on a cream base and containing wax is used. Hair is dyed in faint golden tones.
  • Balayazh. Ideal for cases where only the ends of the hair need to be smoothly lightened. This method of highlighting is chosen by girls with short haircuts.
  • Pastel lighting. During highlighting, the master applies paints with a cold shade. As a result, the natural color of the hair is slightly muted.
  • American highlights. The master chooses several very thin strands. Special paint is applied to them. It is time consuming work, but the result is worth it. This highlighting technique is suitable for dark-haired girls.
  • “Naturel”. This method is for blondes. With its help, you can emphasize the natural color of the hair. The procedure involves applying a lighter shade of paint to the ends of the hair, and a darker one at the roots.


Today it is one of the most popular procedures in hairdressing and beauty salons. Coloring is used not to lighten the strands, but to dye them in more saturated colors. As a result, a stylish and unusual image is created.

Types of coloring:

  • Californian. The paint is applied in horizontal layers. With the help of this technique, it is possible to achieve a smooth transition from darker shades (at the roots) to lighter ones (at the tips);
  • pearlescent. The master uses a special paint. It is applied to the strands for a while, after which they acquire a pearl-pearl shade. Depending on the lighting, hair color can vary from pastel pink to lilac;
  • avant-garde (neon). A great option for those who prefer creative haircuts. Such coloring involves the use of very bright and extravagant colors (blue, purple, red and others);
  • stencil (patterned). During this procedure, the master creates various patterns or patterns on the hair, as if on a canvas. He can use paint of one or more colors. It all depends on the wishes of the client, as well as the imagination and creative possibilities of the master.

Often, girls who want to conquer the people around them with a bright and interesting hairstyle choose multi-color coloring. This technique for dyeing strands is based on the use of 2 to 20 shades. It can be recommended for those with fine hair. Strands painted in different colors will visually increase the volume of the hairstyle and give it a certain charm.


This procedure can be called staining only in part. During toning, an unstable dye (tint or tint) is applied to the curls. The pigment molecule does not penetrate deep into the hair follicles, as in conventional dyeing, but remains on their surface.

Toning products do not contain ammonia, which is involved in a chemical reaction inside the hair. They wash out quickly. Toning dye can change hair color by one or two tones. But this happens if it is applied to light strands.

The main purpose of toning is to add saturation and depth to the natural hair color. The substances that make up the tinting agent will make the hair more elastic and obedient. It will be easier to style and cut. The tint paint completely disappears after 24 washes.

Features of the procedure:

  1. We mix the dye with an oxidizing agent in the proportion indicated by the manufacturer. The resulting composition is applied to clean and dried strands.
  2. If the hair is damaged, and its ends are split, then before toning it should be treated with a nourishing balm.
  3. No need to overexpose the composition on the head.
  4. Tinting paint should only be washed off with warm water (not cold or hot).

Silk dyeing

The master uses paint made from natural ingredients. One of them is silk. First, a product is applied to the hair that evens the hair structure. Then a composition is applied to lighten the strands. The client is washed with an alkali-neutralizing shampoo. The finishing touch will be the application of liquid silk. As a result of this procedure, the hair becomes incredibly smooth and shiny.


The main feature of this method is as follows. Our hair is positively charged. If you put on them a coloring agent containing negatively charged particles, then a very interesting reaction will occur.

Colored biolamination

A special bio-composition with a coloring pigment is applied to the hair. The substances present in the composition of the product form a film that covers each hair and makes its color more saturated. To obtain the desired effect, you should contact a professional salon. Although at home, such hair coloring is also possible.