19 August 2021

How to create a sunny summer mood for yourself away from nature, when the soul craves romance? First of all, it is always interesting to change, to find a new image in oneself that emphasizes the feminine essence and reveals the charm of youth and beauty.

And your own creativity will prompt you to remember the sandy coast, feel the sea breeze and see the blue sea waves and create your own “wet” hairstyle. In the light of the approaching summer, hairstyles with the effect of wet hair return not only to the catwalks, but also in everyday life attract attention with style, imagery and the ability to create a spectacular “multi-layered” hairstyle at home.

“Wet” styles and images

For the first time “wet” hairstyles appeared at the dawn of the 80s of the last century, but now the “wet hair effect” is by no means the last century, as it might seem, but one of the most relevant trends in the “gypsy” style, or otherwise “boho”, representing the most trendy naturalness of the image, colors, fabrics, through respect for nature and for the place of man in it.

The effect of wet hair can be created on both long and short hairstyles, it is perfect for both loose straight hair or curly hair, and as a basis for styling for bundles, braids of all kinds, but with its “wet” accentuation of either strands or smooth the shine of combed hair always adds romance to the image with a touch of provocation and sexuality.

Styles with a wet look

Styling with the effect of wet hair on long hair can be done in several versions – both straight, slightly curly hair, and as an element in complex hairstyles.

At home, to create “wet” hair, you will need the following styling tools and products:

  • mousse, gel or modeling wax
  • a hair dryer with a slotted nozzle for drying the roots and a diffuser nozzle for drying strands;
  • comb with large teeth
  • fixative varnish, spray gloss.


Tutorial video tutorial on how to create a wet hair effect.

Loose long hair

Bright red hair

The technology for creating a hairstyle with the effect of wet hair at home is quite simple and easy to do.

The only reminder, when performing styling, it is advisable to strictly dose the styling products, without being carried away by their quantity, since an excess of mousse or varnish will not only prevent the scalp from breathing, but is also harmful for natural or highlighted blondes with a yellowish tint of strands.

Laying includes the following scheme of actions:

  1. It is necessary to thoroughly wash your hair without using balm or other smoothing care products, so as not to weigh down your own hair, soak excess water from the hair with a towel for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Distribute the styling mousse over the entire length of wet hair and gently “crumple” each large strand from the ends to the roots with your hands and leave it literally for a minute.
  3. Pull hair forward over face, head down, and blow dry hair roots with targeted attachment.
  4. Change the nozzle on the hair dryer to a diffuse one and dry using the “diffuse” drying technology, distributing the strands over the nozzle.
  5. Fix the “wet” effect with the fixing varnish.

A similar hairstyle can be diversified by combining a combed bang with smoothly combed temples, the back of the hair can be left loose, only pinning the strands on the sides with pins, or braiding a braid, or making a high “ponytail” or pinning a low bun.

Low bun combined with wet look

Wet hair effect

To create a low bun with a wet look, you will need styling mousse, bunch-holding pins and a thin elastic band.

  1. The first step in creating a hairstyle is to apply the styling mousse along the entire length of wet hair.
  2. In the second step, smoothly comb and gather the hair tightly enough with the help of an elastic elastic band in a ponytail at the bottom of the back of the head above the neck and secure it.
  3. Twist the “tourniquet” from the ponytail and roll it into a smooth bun, fixing the latter with hairpins and leaving the hair to dry already in the hairstyle.

In addition to one low bun, you can diversify the image by making three buns, having previously divided the hair into three sectors. Options are also possible with weaving French side braids with fixing the ends in a bundle.

Ponytail with wet look

Wet hair effect

The ponytail hairstyle is also effectively set off with “wet” strands or “wet” curls. To do this, it is necessary to dry and style the hair according to the basic “wet” method and fix it with a strong and elastic band on the crown of the head. Just to get curls, do not use in any case curlers, so as not to be considered not modern, use “manual” styling.

Also, the “horse” tail can be styled with smoothly combed temples with the application of shiny wax, and the tail itself can be braided into a “fish” one according to a four-row weaving pattern.

Short Wet Look Hairstyles

Short hairstyles when styling with the effect of wet hair allow you to emphasize not only the style of the hairstyle, but also ideal for creating creative looks using styling products.

All types of texturizing waxes or gels are ideal for this role. The products applied to the hair will help to simulate any variant from “wet” tousled to long wavy bangs combed to one side by the “sea breeze” in combination with a raised occipital zone. The creativity is limitless in the ideas and implementation of your own summer image.