Wedding hairstyles for long hair


For any girl, a wedding is a very responsible and long-awaited day, when she just needs to look perfect. With special scrupulousness and trepidation, the bride chooses her outfit, veil and jewelry for it, thinks over what the makeup and manicure will be. But special attention should be paid to the hairstyle, because improper styling can ruin the whole image.

Perhaps, the owners of long curls are most fortunate; they have a huge selection of styling before them. Wedding hairstyles for long hair can be made in the classical genre or represent a modern complex composition, you can create airy curls or unusual braids.

Tips for Choosing Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

  1. Petite brides can afford high, complex hairstyles, including those with pile.
  2. Owners of thin facial features are suitable for hairstyles with voluminous curls and curls, while women with large features should refuse such styling, smooth hairstyles will look much better in this case, and various accessories in the hair should not be visible from the front.
  3. Styling with bangs will help the girl hide a low forehead, while the rest of the strands can be collected or remain loose in the form of curls.
  4. Girls with large noses should comb the strands on the forehead and cheeks, this technique will help correct this deficiency.
  5. Women with an elongated oval face should definitely not do high styling, otherwise the image will turn out to be ridiculous.
  6. When choosing jewelry for a wedding hairstyle, preference should be given to delicate pastel colors.

A little about bangs

Future brides who have bangs often do not know how to play with this element in wedding styling. In fact, bangs allow you to come up with new hairstyles for long curls.

  1. For a romantic and fabulous look, it is better to comb the bangs to one side and fix it with varnish.
  2. The bangs go well with a diadem, a hoop and a hat.
  3. In the presence of straight bangs, the hair can be curled and left loose so that the image does not look too simple, you can decorate the hairstyle with flowers, a hoop with rhinestones or stones, an elegant diadem.
  4. Any weaving – a French braid, a fishtail, a traditional spikelet – will perfectly “get along” with the bangs.
  5. When creating a vintage look, bangs are especially useful, which should be styled in accordance with the general style.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

When choosing a suitable option for yourself, it is advisable to first make a trial hairstyle and evaluate how it will look and fit into the image. Perhaps a suitable styling will be found right away, and some will have to try several types of hairstyles before making the final choice.

Side hairstyles

Asymmetry in hairstyles is especially important today, this trend has not spared wedding fashion either. Styling of curls, combed to the side, demonstrates the delicate bend of a woman’s neck, giving the image fragility and tenderness.

Girls with thin hair can curl their strands into curls and put them on one side.

Various weaving made obliquely will look great on thick hair.

Many brides opt for a high ponytail made from the side. For solemnity, he needs to give additional volume or to make a bouffant, as well as decorate his hairstyle with suitable accessories.

Loose strands and curls for the wedding

Many modern brides prefer loose hair to complex styling. In this case, the strands can be straight, curled in the form of light waves or tight curls. In any case, this hairstyle looks touching and even fabulous.

All kinds of weaving with loose curls are perfectly combined: the hair on the crown is braided in the form of spikelets or flagella, giving them the desired shape and fixing with hairpins, and the lower strands freely fall over the shoulders.

Tiaras and veils, strands of pearls and shiny hairpins, headbands and flowers will help to decorate a hairstyle from loose hair. But it is worth remembering that excessive decor will be out of place and can only make the styling heavier.

Wedding options with fleece

A pile of long hair gives pomp and solemnity, a bride with such a hairstyle will surely bathe in the attention of others.

A high pile in combination with a braid or a tail looks very stylish and even luxurious. This hairstyle combines tenderness and audacity at the same time. The bouffant can be done only on the top of the head or on the entire head of hair.

Wedding hairstyle with fleece

In the baroque style, you get a hairstyle if you make a bouffant on the basis of large curls. In this case, the strands are combed in the area of ​​the temples and on the crown, and curls are created using a curling iron or curlers. A bride with this hairstyle will look slimmer and taller.

In addition, bouffant is an indispensable attribute of retro style. To create a high babette, the strands must be combed well in the crown area, and the curls at the back of the head must be collected in the form of a shell. If there is a bang, it is better to lay it on one side.

Braided Hairstyles

On long curls, you can create real masterpieces of hairdressing from spikelets and other weaves. Braids allow you to open your face, accentuate the curve of your neck and not worry about the durability of your hairstyle all day. Weaving is rarely combined with a veil, so as not to hide its beauty from others.

Long strands can be braided into a voluminous Greek braid or a classic spikelet. On wavy curls, you can create a great hairstyle “French Falls”. The braid does not have to fall down, it can be effectively laid. All the options for hairstyles with weaving elements cannot be listed.

Such hairstyles will be especially relevant for those brides who will have an active and long celebration. Collected hair will help you look flawless all day long. From long strands, you can create spectacular bunches, stylish shells, wicker baskets and come up with whole compositions of curls.

Such hairstyles go well with a veil, it is attached at the back of the head, opening the styling, at the crown or in the center. Other wedding accessories will help to complement the image: hairpins with stones and rhinestones, flowers, thin tiaras, hairpins with beads, strands of pearls.