Women’s haircuts with a shaved temple: photo


In the recent past, extravagant haircuts were quite rare and were perceived extremely ambiguously, today the situation has changed radically – many, on the contrary, seek to express their originality and uniqueness by using a hairstyle for this. One of the fashionable and modern trends in women is a haircut with shaved temples, which appeared not so long ago, but quickly gained popularity.

Stylists have come up with many varieties of such a hairstyle, so you can always choose the right option that will harmoniously fit into your everyday look. Nevertheless, not everyone can afford a haircut with shaved temples; it suits bright and bold, creative and original ladies who like to be in the spotlight.

Characteristics of a haircut with shaved temples

The main distinguishing feature of the haircut is the shaved temporal part of the head. When it comes to the female version, the temple is rarely left bald, usually the length of the hairs in this place is 2-5 mm. Also, the haircut goes well with long strands and short, curly curls and straight ones.

The width of the shaved temple can be different: from a narrow and delicate strip to a quarter or even half of the hairline. Sometimes a haircut is complemented with oblique or elongated bangs.

Who is the hairstyle for?

Despite the seeming versatility, a haircut with shaved temples is not suitable for everyone – it needs to be consistent.

  1. The haircut will look ugly on thin and volumeless curls.
  2. Hair and scalp should be in perfect condition.
  3. The hairstyle looks best on dark or brightly colored hair.
  4. The haircut is ideal for round or oval face with soft features.
  5. The hairstyle will harmoniously fit into the image of a young and extravagant girl; such an image will not suit ladies of a respectable age.
  6. It is necessary to pay attention to other details of the image: makeup, clothes and accessories – all of them should also be combined with such a creative hairstyle.

Varieties of haircuts with shaved temples and styling options

Such haircuts can be performed in different ways, be more daring and creative, or, conversely, emphasize the femininity and fragility of their owner.


Such a haircut is obtained when one temple is shaved. It is performed both on short and long strands, it can be combined with a square. This option with bangs also looks good, and the transition to the temple can be made smooth or sharp.

Which side to shave your temple? Stylists recommend leaving your hair on the side where the hair is thicker and grows better, so the hairstyle will look more voluminous and effective.

You can emphasize the shaved temple if the strands are combed to the opposite side. This styling is done as follows:

  • we comb all the hair well;
  • we shift them to the right side;
  • from the total mass of curls, we separate several strands located near the shaved temple and stab them so that they do not interfere yet;
  • on the rest of the hair we make a fleece, fix it with varnish;
  • we shift the previously stabbed strands and cover the fleece with them;
  • fix the styling with varnish.


Such a haircut implies the presence of two shaved temples, it looks more successful in combination with short hair or with an average length. This option gives a wide scope for imagination and allows you to create various styling: you can comb the strands back and make a high pile in front, collect them in a ponytail, make a bun of hair, opening the temples, decorate your head with braiding. With short hair, you can style them in the form of a mohawk – a rather shocking option.

Hairstyle with shaved temples


In this case, the whiskey is not just shaved, but a pattern or relief is created. Quite popular are diamonds, zigzags, stripes, leopard prints. Variants are also common when the temple is highlighted with a color that is contrasting to the general shade of the hair, or this place is decorated with a temporary or permanent tattoo.

A haircut with shaved temples is a fashionable and bold experiment that will allow you to always be in the spotlight and tell others about your originality. At the same time, do not forget to complement your look with appropriate clothing, bright accessories and eye-catching makeup.

Creative hairstyle with shaved temples

Haircut with shaved temples: all the pros and cons

Before deciding to shave off the strands at the temples and create a vivid image for yourself, you need to think over everything well and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a haircut.

“Pros” of the hairstyle:

  • allows you to create a fresh and vivid image;
  • attracts everyone’s attention;
  • successfully emphasizes the graceful curve of a woman’s neck;
  • the haircut is easy to maintain in perfect condition even at home without the help of a hairdresser;
  • the hairstyle is easily transformed if you cover the shaved temples with long strands, making a parting in the center.

But along with the advantages, a haircut also has a number of disadvantages that should also be taken into account.

“Cons” haircuts:

  • requires mandatory styling and regular correction;
  • you will have to carefully select your wardrobe or even change your style;
  • you should be prepared for the fact that not everyone around you will react positively to such an image.

Photo of women’s haircuts with a shaved temple

Find your own unique style. Consider different options for haircuts with a shaved temple.