Women’s hairstyle mohawk: types of haircuts


Women's hairstyle mohawk

When it comes to bold and extravagant haircuts, one of the first to come to mind is a mohawk hairstyle. Until recently, Iroquois were worn only by representatives of such subcultures as punks or goths, but today they increasingly began to appear among quite lovely ladies, including celebrities.

Initially, the haircut originated on the American continent among the representatives of the ancient Indian tribe Iroquois, it is not difficult to guess why the hairstyle received such a name. In the future, she experienced several more ups in the fashion industry, and is now at the peak of popularity, but somewhat in a modified form. On a woman’s head, she became more gentle and elegant, but retained the mood of aggressiveness and insolence.

The essence of the haircut

A mohawk in general is a haircut, in which a comb of hair passes through the entire head from the frontal part to the back of the head, and the rest of the sections are cut very shortly or shaved off. Today this hairstyle has versatility, but at the same time it remains extravagant, it can be allowed to be worn by people who are bold and even daring, who love to be in the spotlight.

Types of female mohawk

The mohawk haircut can have several variations, each of which has its own characteristics. This hairstyle can be daring and defiant, or it can take on a feminine and even romantic look. Every girl who dreams of a mohawk will be able to choose a certain type of it for herself, corresponding to her character and style.

Classic mohawk

A rather narrow and even strip of hair runs in the middle of the head, while the strands located on the sides are either cut short or completely shaved. Hair during styling is lifted up and placed in the form of a comb.

Classic Mohawk on curly hair

The haircut is a variation of the previous one, performed on curly and thick hair. In this case, it is better not to shave the side strands, but to cut them short. Curls should be placed in the comb using a strong fixation varnish. Styling looks romantic and extravagant at the same time.

Gothic mohawk

The hair in the temporal areas is shaved, and the remaining strands are cut short.

Gothic mohawk

Mohawk: Quiff

Hair is cut in such a way that it lengthens from the neck towards the forehead, while the temples are shaved or cut short. Such a haircut in its usual form will resemble a short bob, in other cases the hair can be raised up and made a mohawk, the option looks great when the curls fall off a little on the face.

Mohawk with one shaved temple

This haircut allows you to experiment with styling. For example, part of the strands can be lowered onto a shaved temple, covering it when you don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself. Otherwise, by lifting your hair, you can showcase the creative hairstyle in all its glory.

How to style

It can be difficult to style a mohawk beautifully on your own, especially for those whose hair is of a decent length, it will be easier to work with short strands. However, there are several ways to create a mohawk hairstyle.

Classic version

  1. It is more convenient to style it on damp hair, so first wash your head and dry the strands slightly.
  2. We treat wet curls with foam, collect them along the central parting and comb them up.
  3. Apply a small amount of gel to the palms and lift the strands with both hands, it turns out a kind of comb.

Spiked styling

  1. Wash the strands well and dry them slightly.
  2. Now we create a comb: we separate it by a lock and carefully comb each one.
  3. We form each combed strand in the form of a sharp thorn.
  4. We spray the entire hairstyle well with varnish, not sparing the styling product.

Styling for short mohawk

  1. Treat clean and damp hair with gel.
  2. Pull the strands up and form a “hedgehog” out of the hair.

Elegant mohawk

  1. We comb the strands up, but do not raise them, but lay them in the form of a kind of “wave”. This styling is suitable for a mohawk with two shaved temples.
  2. For those who have only one temple shaved, this option is suitable: we treat the hair with a styling agent and comb it on the side opposite from the shaved side.

Who is the Mohawk suitable for?

  1. It is better for women with weakened and thin curls to refuse such a haircut, since their hair simply will not withstand the load and will not be able to take the desired shape during styling.
  2. The mohawk is not suitable for girls with certain features of the oval of the face – those who have high cheekbones with a narrow chin or a massive lower part.
  3. Ideal for a haircut – an oval face with pronounced cheekbones.

Features of hair coloring

The mohawk will look great on curls of any color, the only exception is blonde strands… To make the haircut look organic, the hair near the temples should be darker, so blondes can tint this part.

It is fashionable to dye the strand in various catchy colors; for a temporary effect, you can use mascara or hair crayons.

Brighten your haircut with burnt hair ends, dyed in bold and unusual colors.

Sometimes there are options with a mohawk completely painted in a bright color – red, blue, purple, green.

Hairstyle mohawk

The patterns on the temples will give more originality to the hairstyle, they can be shaved or decorated using coloring.

Nowadays, the mohawk is no longer necessarily an attribute of representatives of informal trends, today, thanks to the efforts of fashionable stylists, it has gained wide popularity, But before deciding to make such a haircut, you should still think about whether it can fit into your usual lifestyle.