Each owner of straight curls at least once in her life looked at someone else’s natural curl with a touch of envy. Don’t be in a hurry to be upset that your hair doesn’t have a curly structure. Let’s figure it out: Why do some have straight hair, while others have a wave? What do curls have to deal with? How to make life easier for them? Is it possible to deceive nature? How to tame the curl?

Secrets of the “curl” gene

The intensity of the disulfide bond in the hair follicle is responsible for the shape of the curl; the larger the bond, the stronger the curl bend. Moreover, the roots of curls do not grow at an angle of 90 degrees, as in straight hair, but at an angle, the greater the slope, the steeper the curl. In the section, a hair of straight curls looks like a circle, wavy – like an oval, and curly – like a human kidney, it depends on the degree of chaos of cell division during growth. In straight hair, division occurs evenly, and in curly hair, it is chaotic in different directions, and the steeper the curl, the more chaotic the division. Also, curliness depends on the thickness of the hairs, the thinner it is, the stronger the curl.

As a rule, curly hair has uncovered scales in its structure, which is why it is so naughty, frizzy and electrified.

Curliness directly depends on the genetic map of a person, if at least one parent has a curl, then there is more than 50 percent chance that the child will have curly hair.

Some statistics

If we consider the Caucasian race, then 55 percent of people with curls and waves have hair, the rest have straight hair. Of those 55 percent, 15 percent are truly curly and 40 are wavy curls.

Basic rules for curl care / How to make life with curls easier

When washing your hair, you need to fold it back and use a small amount of shampoo – 2 drops.

This avoids tangling and breakage.

Give preference to sulfate-free detergents.

This shampoo is gentle on the hair when it is cleansed and prevents the breakdown of keratin. When choosing, be careful that the product is of high quality and really sulfate-free and without substitutes.

Alternate using shampoo and conditioner.

From time to time, it is worth replacing the shampoo with a conditioner in order to properly saturate the hair – the benefits for the hair are great, and you will have enough cleanliness for a couple of days for sure.

To distribute hair is a comb with sparsely spaced teeth.

The comb disciplines curls and prevents them from frizzing. It is necessary to comb the curls against the fur from the bottom up, thereby avoiding hair tangles and hair loss. Moreover, combing the curls must be wet, but if there is a desire to straighten them, then first use the natural drying method with a towel.

Give priority to microfiber towels

The soft microfiber towel is gentle on the curl shape and maintains its attractive appearance.

Laying – harness technique

The following method will help to shape the curls: wash your hair and dry it a little in a natural way, then divide it into strands and twist the flagella over the entire surface of the head, after fixing them with clips, take a styling product and distribute over each “bump” and dry with a hairdryer.

Bath care for hair moisturizing

After cleansing your hair, apply a conditioner using a small dose of natural oil (jojoba, coconut or argan oil), then hide the curls under a cap and a wet towel on top, blow with a hairdryer for about half an hour and rinse off the conditioner. The curl will become extraordinarily soft and silky.

Applying varnish with a toothbrush

It is worth resorting to this action if a couple of naughty strands have appeared in your newly-made styling. To avoid ruining your entire hairstyle with too much polish, apply a small amount of the product to the toothbrush and then gently distribute it over the strands.

Stock up on silk pillowcases

Silk pillowcases help the curls maintain their attractive appearance and are gentle with the styling done the day before. All this is due to the absence of friction between the hairs and the silk material, which is not the case with cotton fabric.

Style your hair in a bun at night.

If you want to avoid tangled curls, then the best salvation would be an ordinary arbitrary bunch, always with the help of a silicone rubber band.

Use a hoop or bandage at night if there is no energy left for other things

Due to the lack of time, pick up wet curls with a bandage or a hoop, in the morning they will be straight at the roots and chaotic at the bottom – ready-made styling.

Is it possible to deceive the nature and consequences of deception?

The answer to the above question is, of course, “YES”. In the modern beauty industry, there are many chemical procedures for creating curls and, on the contrary, for straightening hair. In the course of these services, an aggressive effect on the curls takes place, at the cellular level the inherent disulfide bond is destroyed and a new one is created using keratin, and the result is sealed to create a long-term effect. Agreeing to such procedures, you should understand that colossal damage is inflicted on the hair, they become fragile and painful. Here professional people come to the rescue hair restoration and skin balance treatments

The least aggressive method is household curlers of all shapes and sizes, as well as heat exposure with a curling iron, for straightening the most common way is an iron. But when agreeing to heat exposure, be sure to use thermal protective agents… Take care of your hair!

How to tame the curl?

German trichologists developed two-phase spray conditioner AEROBICA specially for the care of curly, fluffy hair and hair exposed to chemical attack. The product belongs to a professional product for any type of hair. Curls do not fluff, take on a well-groomed silky look, they are moisturized, voluminous and ready for styling.

Active ingredients in spray AEROBICA act: maslo jojoba, castor oil, a complex of silicone oils. This killer cocktail for health, beauty and curl discipline.

More information about the active ingredients can be found HERE!

When transforming your hair, do not forget about health, use only professional products tested by trichologists, such cosmetics include WTMethode.

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