Hair loss is a rather unpleasant topic, especially for the fair sex. First of all, you should admit to yourself that there is a problem, but before taking certain measures to combat hair loss, you need to understand this topic, it is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

In this article we will talk about the concept of “hair loss” (alopecia), types, causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

What is alopecia and what shouldn’t it be confused with? When should you sound the alarm?

It is not uncommon for women to scream about hair loss, where this process does not exist at all. We will talk about alopecia – pathological hair loss leading to their complete or partial disappearance.

Alopecia are not to be confused with natural hair changes. Dermatologists say that a person can lose up to 100 hairs per day – this is completely normal, since from 100,000 to 150,000 hairs grow on the head and they are regularly renewed.

Pay attention to the structure of the hair that has fallen out. If it does not have a seal at the end, then you have a completely different problem – brittle hair, not hair loss.

It is urgently necessary to take measures if the amount of lost hair is more than normal and if the root of the lost hair has become dark in color (should be white).

What types of alopecia are there?

Diffuse alopecia

Diffuse alopecia “strip” – this baldness looks like a strip, begins immediately in the frontal-parietal lobe and temporal.

Diffuse alopecia “nest” – we can say that this is the first type of “strip” intensively growing into an elliptical nest, hair follicles in this case fade very rapidly.

Androgenic alopecia

Androgenic alopecia is a uniform hair loss due to thinning hair, which occurs due to excess male hormone or excessive sensitivity to androgens. This type is characterized by the presence of skin imbalances and associated diseases such as acne and seborrhea.

Alopecia areata

This species is characterized by hair loss in separate foci in any part of the body, most often the scalp suffers. Moreover, there may be no limited number of foci, but the degree of damage from a small area to complete baldness. Alopecia areata is divided into the following forms:

Total – This is a complete loss of hair on the entire human body from the crown to the extremities within plus / minus 3 months. It is typical for adults and children. This type of baldness begins with single lesions merging with each other and eventually complete baldness occurs.

Subtotal – has a slower pace than the total and affects not all hair, but about 50% of the head cover, as well as eyelashes and eyebrows.

Universal – complete hair loss only on the head of a person, accompanied by the destruction of the nail plate.

Regional – baldness occurs in the occipital, temporal zone, and also along the edge of the head.

Shearing – baldness occurs in the parietal as well as the frontal area.

Why am I losing my hair?

Hormonal imbalance – transitional age in girls, cessation of the use of oral contraceptives, the postpartum period and lactation period (breastfeeding).

Circulatory disorders – the capillaries are narrowed, as a result of which the hair lacks nutrients, they “starve”, regardless of the diet of the owner of the hair, as a result, the process of hair loss starts.

Diseases – a number of diseases provoke hair loss, it can be psoriasis, arthritis, sexually transmitted diseases, malfunction of the ovaries, thyroid gland, pneumonia and others.

Stress – often women lose their precious curls due to regular psychological stress.

Lack of nutrients and vitamins – it is worth noting a number of elements, the lack of which will affect the density of the hair: iron, zinc, copper, vitamins A, C, E, B.

Disease of the scalp – allergies, dermatitis, seborrhea, fungal infections, dandruff, peeling, lichen, eczema, psoriasis, furunculosis and others.

Long-term medication use

Chemical and thermal effects – all types of dyeing and perm, the use of flat pans, irons, hair dryers and other heating devices.

How is it diagnosed?

There are many reasons why hair loss occurs; you need to be careful when diagnosing. We wash my head and on the third day, with gripping movements, we run our hand through the hair from roots to bunks in different zones. We spread what is left in our hands on a white surface and pay attention to the following:

– if the hairs fall out from 6 to 8 pieces, then it is too early to worry;

– if there are 9 to 14 hairs that have fallen out, then it’s time to think about the prevention of hair loss;

– if the fallen hairs are from 15 pieces and more, you need to undergo a course of treatment.

IMPORTANT! Let us remind you once again that we do not pay attention to broken hairs – this is hair fragility, not hair loss.

Unfortunately, not every alopecia can be accurately diagnosed at home, if you already have an advanced form of baldness, in this case, you need to consult a doctor to pass a group of analyzes and tests: general and biochemical blood test; proper functioning of the thyroid gland; the ratio of sex estrogens, androgens; drawing up a trichogram about the actual hair density and others.

What to do for prevention, how to treat?

Treatment and prevention of hair loss can be structured as follows:

  • Medical treatment and prevention – improvement and maintenance of the body, if there are diseases.

  • Replenishment of vitamins and minerals.

  • Use of therapeutic and support products for hair loss: AMPULE TREATMENT, shampoos, masks, balms, serums, sprays, oils and other professional treatments.

  • Ethnoscience.

  • Massage and stimulation of blood circulation.

  • Lifestyle changes: normalization of the day and night regime, nutritional balance, physical activity, elimination of stress and stress factors, rejection of bad habits.

All of these treatment and prevention options are mutually reinforcing, so a holistic approach is needed. But one thing remains unchanged – you will need professional remedies for hair loss. The AMPULE TREATMENT is recognized as the most effective, since the composition penetrates deeply into the scalp to the hair follicles and into the structure of the hairs, revitalizing them from the inside and starting the growth process. Further, we support the result with special shampoos, masks, balms and other treatments from the series for hair loss and restoration.

German medical and cosmetic company of the new generation WT-Methode has created programs to combat hair loss and prevention. Rich natural composition with the developed extract of sheep placenta and natural herbal components of the series BOTANICA will start the process of hair growth and eliminate hair loss. In parallel, these drugs normalize the balance of the scalp and relieve associated problems such as dandruff, flaking, oily content, etc.



When using AMPULE TREATMENT, it is recommended to massage the head, and to consolidate the result, use the following means:

You should be patient and start healing your hair.

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