Blue dream – healthy, beautiful, and most importantly long hair. How to come to her? We will consider this issue, starting with the structure of the hair, the rate of its growth, the factors affecting it, and will end with recommendations for stimulation.

Hair structure

The follicle and the shaft form the basis of the hair structure. The hair follicle is a root system that originates from the subcutaneous layer, keeping its way through the dermis, in which the growth of hairs to the epidermis directly starts. Very often, when talking about growth, we hear the concept of a hair follicle – a thickened root located inside the hair follicle in other words, follicles. The hair shaft is the protruding part of the hair above the surface of the skin.

If we consider the hair in section, we will see that it has three main outer layers (cuticle), cortex, medulla.

The cuticle is a protective scale, the degree of silkiness, softness and shine of the hair depends on the accuracy and density of placement of which relative to each other.

The cortex is responsible for the color of the curls, which is determined by the amount of melanin pigment in the structure.

Medula – the medulla serves as a kind of channel for the movement of nutrients to the previous layers.

Hair can be schematically represented as follows: hair shaft, scalp surface, sebum, hair follicle, sebaceous gland.

Hair growth stages

Hair growth occurs in three stages.

Anagenic stage – called the dynamic stage of follicle growth, when the root cells are rapidly dividing, forming the hair shaft. The growth rate during this stage is one centimeter per month. The duration of the anagen stage is from 2 to 7 years and is determined by the genetic characteristics of the person. After the end of anagen, the transition to the next stage occurs – this is catagenic.

The catagenic stage is a fairly short stage compared to the anagen stage – about 2 weeks plus or minus a week. The intermediate stage serves as a signal that the growth of the hair has stopped and the formation of the bulb occurs, and then the telogen stage begins.

Telogenic stage – the so-called resting stage of the follicle begins and the hair dies off. It was noted that an average of 50 hairs out of 100 newborns fall out per day. This stage lasts about 3 months.

What is the envy of the rate of hair growth

Scientists note that the rate of hair growth is directly related to the appearance of the follicle, and the information is also embedded in our DNA initially. For example, in the European population, curls grow by about 1 centimeter per month, and in people in whose veins African blood flows, due to the curl, hair grows at a slightly slower rate of 0.8 centimeters per month. As for the appearance of the follicle, it has a different shape and depends on the degree of hair straightening and the size of the curl. Do not forget about the change of seasons, for example, in winter and summer, hair loss occurs more slowly than in autumn and spring. In addition to genetic affiliation, hair growth is also associated with a person’s age, with the type of activity, lifestyle, habits, diet, and environment.

How food affects hair growth

Nutrition is directly related to hair growth, it should be complete and varied, be sure to include the freshest vegetables and fruits, cereals, legumes, nuts and soy crops, egg yolks, as well as fiber-rich foods, meat and fish. It is important to ensure that the diet contains vegetable fats, which have a beneficial effect on the absorption of trace elements and vitamins associated with hair growth.

Vitamins for hair growth

Visually, the beauty of hair is associated not only with proper cosmetic care, which we will talk about later, but also with the balance of vitamins and minerals.

Proper nutrition can not always completely fill the lack of one or another element, since it is sometimes unrealistic to eat healthy products in the amount required, therefore vitamin complexes are used.

Split ends and fragility of curls are a clear sign of a lack of vitamin A, as well as B and C. Of these, vitamin A is responsible for hair regeneration, replenishing water balance and fighting hair loss. While vitamin C stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and the saturation of cells with the necessary elements that are necessary for cell division. B vitamins actively stimulate hair growth and limit hair loss.

Dullness indicates a deficiency of vitamins of group B, D, H and E, amino acids and zinc with selenium and magnesium. Vitamin E oxygenates the hair cells, allowing healthy and shiny hair to grow. Thanks to zinc, protein is better absorbed and the life of the hair root system is extended. Selenium makes hair stronger, rejuvenating and protecting from the external environment. If the body lacks magnesium, then the hair first of all suffers, their condition deteriorates significantly and the lifespan is shortened.

Slow growth rates indicate that the body lacks calcium, beta-carotene, silicon, iodine, chromium and other elements. The balance of these microelements is necessary for the stable growth of strong hair.

If you want results, then the problem of slow growth should be approached comprehensively, including enriching your body with the necessary vitamins and microelements.

What should be given up for the sake of thick and long hair

It is worth moderating your ardor in the use of styling products, as they fetter the hairs in one position, do not allow breathing, and impede blood circulation. Of course, it is quite difficult to completely abandon fixation, therefore it is necessary to wash them off at least in time, namely, no later than 6 – 8 hours after application. In addition, give your hair freedom and do not overtighten with all kinds of hairpins and elastic bands, hats, and if you use, then only those that do not damage the hair and are made of natural materials.

Regular stress disrupts the saturation of the hair root with nutrients and provokes vasoconstriction, which leads to a lack of hair growth dynamics, and as a result to hair loss.

Harmful habits such as alcohol and smoking also have a vasoconstrictor effect on the hair root, interfere with its breathing, which slows down the rate of hair growth, weakens and takes away healthy shine. In addition to these problems, it is worth excluding coffee and carbonated drinks from the use.

Proper care for hair growth

An ampoule lotion has been created and tested by German trichologists and dermatologists for rare hair or hair that is tired and slowly growing – WT-Methode PLACEN FORMULA HP (BOTANICA) The product is made on the basis of natural ingredients such as red Tabasco pepper, corn, wheat, ginseng root and carob root.

Each ampoule contains natural strength and benefits that are transferred to your hair, breathing life into every hair on your head and giving birth to new healthy hair. The lotion is used not only for hair growth, but also as a prevention of hair loss, while simultaneously calming the scalp. WT-Methode PLACEN FORMULA HP (BOTANICA) is the winner in its weight category “Favorite of Success”.

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