How to choose a blush by skin color: the reason for “dirty” cheekbones


How to choose a blush by skin color

In 2013, I published a whole series of articles on face sculpting, remember? Think back to gauge the growth of the cosmetic market. Today you will not surprise anyone with a gray blush. They appeared in such numbers that the question arises: does everyone need a gray-brown blush to contour the face. Let’s figure it out.

Info: “Sculpturing blush should imitate the color of the shadow falling on the face!” – spread very quickly. Then there was a boom in gray sculptors and half of the girls began to walk with dirty cheekbones (this is exactly the effect that gray-brown blush on warm skin tone gives).

How to choose a blush by skin color

Some of them took the phrase “blush for contouring should be with a cold undertone” literally, without taking into account the most important parameter – the shade of their skin.

How to choose a blush by skin color

It’s a funny fact that not all girls with a cold skin tone know about this rule, using a warm sculptor.

How to choose a blush by skin color

On good terms, they need to get to know each other in order to exchange sculptors and then everything will fall into place.


The essence of the contouring is to draw from scratch or to emphasize the existing shadows on the face. Not everyone needs to highlight their cheekbones. For some, they are naturally pronounced, that the existing shadows on the face do not need additional correction.

Do not take information literally from whoever it comes from. “Pass” it through your face, scanning your features to emphasize your individuality, and not copy someone else’s.

If you have been reading my blog for many years, then I doubt that there are those among you who have made such mistakes. Therefore, I entrust you with a responsible business: to acquaint with this material everyone who walks with “dirty” cheekbones. Yes, each of us makes mistakes in makeup, but only a few find them, because there was no one to tell.

I hope you enjoyed the new format of the article, the illustrations for which I drew myself.