Loose eye shadow: application features


It is dangerous to use only loose shadows in eye makeup. Most avoid them because they are one of the unpredictable textures in the process. She can let you down at one of the application stages.

Therefore, not everyone loves makeup from loose eye shadows, but in vain … They allow you to create such beauty … that no one will seem a little!

I fell in love with loose eye shadow 10 years ago, when I started blogging. I liked how cool they look in the photo: they shimmer with all colors, especially the chameleon shadows. The flash perfectly captures color nuances and accurately reproduces eye makeup.

Loose eye shadow

I have said more than once that pearlescent shadows are part of evening makeup, not daytime. No, you can “wear” them during the day, but all overflows will be visible only under electric lighting.

By the way, this is one of the differences between daytime makeup and evening makeup – the use of chameleon shadows / glitter / pearlescent textures. And if these are loose shadows, then you are guaranteed a bright and contrasting image.

Loose eye shadow

True, you should remember about the application features, which you will learn about from previous articles:

I hope this material will be enough, and if you still have questions, then ask me in the comments.

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Loose eye shadow

List of used products:


Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Magic Cream Light

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation 10 Light Beige

Pupa Wonder Cover Full Coverage Concealer 2 Light Beige

NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer in light 1 Chantilly

Highlighter Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish 003 “Nude”

Powder blush Balm Desert theBalm


West Barn Co – Soap Brows

Shadow Make Up Store Microshadow Shade


NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer in light 1 Chantilly

Pigment for eyes Dulzura Cosmetics Whirly Pop Neon Stacker ️- Black, Purple, Yellow

Loose shadows Tammy Tanuka SIGIL inspired – Matriarch


Lip gloss 3INA The Lip Gloss