17 August 2021

Neon arrows on the eyes

Neon arrows on the eyes are part of the spring makeup. I think so. It is impossible to make an ordinary and boring image with them. Therefore, having a couple of jars with neon shadows will be useful.

I got such jars when I decided to buy them for myself, and not for work. And you know what? It’s damn nice to buy something for yourself, not because you have to. In recent years, I only thought about how to buy such a useful makeup artist for a case and necessary for a blog, completely forgetting about my desires. Realizing this, I ran to fill in the gaps by buying cosmetics exclusively for myself.

But sometimes the exact opposite happens: you buy makeup for a blog, and it becomes part of your basic makeup bag. For example, neon pigments. Thanks to them, I now draw neon arrows in front of my eyes almost every day because it is, well, very beautiful!

Neon arrows on the eyes

I liked “wearing” neon in front of my eyes so much that I decided to create a series of posts with neon shadows. It is unlikely that you will be against this idea, because in each image you will find usefulness for yourself with the answer to the question “how to combine contrasting colors”.

Using neon as an example, it is very simple and easy to reveal this topic, showing you how cool colors can complement each other without losing their individuality.

Neon arrows on the eyes

Today’s makeup will tell you about the “sweet couple” of green and purple neon. She is perfectly nestled in the corners of the eyes: in the inner and outer.

Ideal, in my opinion, a combination that does not deprive the makeup of everyday life and allows you to “walk” it to the nearest shopping center in order to feel the glances of passers-by.

So, I see neon arrows in front of my eyes in 2021 that way. What are your plans for this spring? Planning to “wear” something like that or not ready yet?

List of used products:


Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation 10 Light Beige

Pupa Wonder Cover Full Coverage Concealer 2 Light Beige

Dior Rouge Blush Power Look 823 Independent

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter Liquid Highlighter


West Barn Co – Soap Brows

Shadow Make Up Store Microshadow Shade


Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow # 52 Holo White

Pigment for eyes Dulzura Cosmetics Whirly Pop Neon Stacker ️ – Neon Green & Neon Purple Pigment


Pupa Fight Like a Woman Liquid Lipstick # 1 I’m Bold Nude