18 August 2021

Christina Fitzgerald nail polish and basecoat

I’m wondering how relevant is the Christina Fitzgerald nail polish and base coat? Whoever you ask everyone makes shellac because: a) it is for a long time b) it is practical.

I have done shellac only once in my life and it was enough for me to see how brittle and fragile nails become after removal. Hence the love for conventional nail polishes, the durability of which depends on what my nails are “doing”.

For the past six months, I have been delighted with the trends that I have shared in the article “Manicure 2020“. I am one of those who feel quite comfortable with “naked” nails without polish. True, sometimes you still want to paint your nails in bright varnish and demonstrate your manicure, which, by the way, I also do myself since I was 17 years old.

Christina Fitzgerald Mood Nail Polish – DBL Happy

Christina Fitzgerald Mood Nail Polish - DBL Happy

Yellow varnishes are one of the most difficult shades. They strip and apply unevenly. Christina Fitzgerald varnish is no exception.

Christina Fitzgerald Mood Nail Polish - DBL Happy

Color spreads unevenly with or without basecoat. What to do? There are two solutions to the problem:

Apply two thick coats and wait until dry.

Working with the plane of the brush means applying a second layer of varnish so that the brush almost lies on the nail plate. This ensures a more even coverage than holding the brush at a right angle. Similarly, I apply varnishes in nude shades.

Christina Fitzgerald Mood Nail Polish - DBL Happy

Excellent durability – 5 days. For my manicure, this is a record, usually varnishes last for 2-3 days, no more!

Bond Prepare For Color Nail Base Coat

Bond Prepare For Color -Christina Fitzgerald

It is a nail degreaser that removes oil and grease from the nail to ensure that the base and polish adhere to the nail plate.

How to use it?

Apply in a very thin layer. We wait one minute and proceed to applying regular nail polish.

My opinion on Bond Prepare For Color – Christina Fitzgerald

I can’t say that with basic coverage my life was divided into “before” and “after”. But the very fact that the varnish lasts longer than usual makes this thing useful.


So, Christina Fitzgerald nail polish and basecoat are a good tandem, but not in this color. Still, lovers of yellow varnish should come to terms with the “hard fate” of the color. Now I have almost resigned myself …