Cosmetic must-haves you didn’t understand


Cosmetic must-haves

The article “Cosmetics That Hate” has generated a strong reaction that some of you have asked for more. This is how the article “Cosmetic Masthaves You Didn’t Understand” appeared.

How do cosmetic mastheads appear? Thanks to the Internet. The more reviews, the stronger the desire to get what everyone is talking about and writing about. And at that moment, when the very masthead appears on your hands, unexpectedly for yourself, you did not understand it …

Cosmetic must-haves you didn’t understand

Hairbrush Tangle Teezer

Tangle teezer

A comb that will untangle everything but thoughts.

For reasons unknown to anyone, the cheeky behavior of the comb has been noticed with a certain type of hair, and according to recent reports, it is curly and coarse hair. Its inactivity discourages half of the users and makes it hate, break into pieces and throw it out where it belongs. And most of all, to hate those to whom she approached.

Until the manufacturer bothers to resolve this issue, and at least indicate on the packaging the type of hair for which it does not fit, scandals will gain momentum, and passions between fans and haters of the combs will heat up!

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Batiste Dry Shampoo Original

Cosmetic must-haves

Who would have known that the appearance of dry shampoo will cause universal delight among those who are too lazy to wash their hair. One zilch radically changes the situation and you are happy to go to work without remorse. And only Batiste knows that you are a lazy person and a deceiver who cleverly tries to hide the “traces” of unclean hair.

I was one of them when I cut my bangs. Her appearance by the end of the day aroused pity on the part of those around her. Batiste saved the situation and not bad. But as soon as the bangs grow up, the need for it disappeared …

And when I sprayed it on the roots of the hair, I saw the result from which I wanted to get rid of it in the evening by washing my head. On the other hand – I’m talking about hair volume – mousse and blow-dry do better. Despite this, he is still loved today for creating the illusion of clean hair.

Powder in balls Guerlain Meteorites Pearls

Guerlain Meteorites Perles

This cosmetic must-have is not going to leave the category of the best and here’s why.

Photoshop meteorites have become synonymous thanks to you – to those who are deeply convinced of the miraculousness of this decorative tool: the skin shines, imperfections are smoothed out, and the relief … mmm … not skin, but a dream!

All these delights mislead the owners of oily skin with enlarged pores and a couple of pimples on the face, who want to feel the same.

As a result, meteorites embellish already beautiful skin, without doing anything about the problem. Hence the disappointment and angry responses to “How I became a victim of meteorites.”

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Glov Hydro Demaquillage Glove

Cosmetic must-haves

The requirements for this instance were initially overstated. The mittens are expected to remove bb-cream, waterproof mascara, cream eyeshadows and other persistent products … Oh, yes, please, without streaks, at the level of a two-phase liquid.

And she can’t do it. Without the pressure of the hand, which should “rip off”, and not remove “complex” makeup from the skin, you will not be able to get rid of the makeup. Hence the condemnation: what kind of removal is it when you have to rub with such force ?!

And nothing that micellar liquid, like any other liquid, which is not intended for removing persistent make-up, is similarly unable to cope with bb-cream. But no, we demand everything at once, and if we don’t get it, then let it fly to the trash can! And the mitten flies, slowly falling to the bottom of the bucket, as in slow motion.

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Electric roller file Scholl Velvet Smooth

Scholl velvet smooth

A video that solves the question: are you tired of paying for a pedicure? Go on the roller!

You just have to go through such torments as dust in order to feel like a migrant worker at a construction site and the length of the process, the time during which you can watch Game of Thrones.

You need to be psychologically prepared for an electric file. So I was not, which is why I experienced complete bewilderment. But in return I got smooth legs, albeit not for long, just before the next season of Game of Thrones!)

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I give you the floor! What cosmetic mastheads do you love and hate?