18 August 2021

Cosmetics advertising

“Victims of cosmetics advertising” – this is how I call those who at least once in their life bought a cosmetic product with their eyes closed, and only because it flashed on screens.

Everyone scolds the gloss for the presence of Photoshop in pictures that are far from the real picture. How much was swearing on this score, scandalous investigations and publications with revelations. And no one brings up the topic of lies in cosmetics video ads. I want to fix this right now and discuss with you the advertising that deceives us day in and day out.

Lies in cosmetics advertising

Cosmetics advertising


Mascara ads are the most deceitful we will ever see. No shoot is complete without false eyelashes and edited videos. All we see is fake!

Therefore, the slogan “After all, you are worthy of this scam!” reflects the whole essence of what is happening on the screen. Alas, not everyone is able to distinguish a real picture from a fake one, buying a novelty of mascara. The result is sheer disappointment. In the reflection of the mirror, sticking sticks sticking out that have lost the signs of eyelashes are looking at you. It was so? Confess!



This is my favorite part when a model with chic arrows runs a thick brush over an already perfectly drawn arrow. Her task is to show how easy and simple eyeliner draws!

This trick has been taken up by makeup artists who love to show in their designs how great a product works, such as the one they apply in real time. In fact, it was carefully applied in advance with other movements and other instruments.

This is why lay people so often get frustrated after buying an advertised eyeliner that refuses to draw perfect arrows!

Cosmetics advertising


Every second advertisement for foundation is pure lies! Alas, it is not the quality of the foundation that allows models to get rid of skin imperfections, but the harsh post-processing. There are times when this stage can be “skipped” due to the naturally ideal skin model, on which absolutely any foundation will look with a “wow” effect. As a make-up artist working on this kind of set, I can confidently say that it works 100%.


It would seem that we live in the 21st century, and advertising for cosmetics continues to deceive us: eyelashes are glued, and arrows are drawn. It seems that it will always be so, because we want beautiful promises, and not a real picture with a real “before” and “after”. Advertising must sell and it sells.

I look forward to your stories, when a video ad sold you a “💩”, which you regretted a lot!