Eye makeup with loose shadows


Eye makeup with loose shadows is one of the most interesting and exciting topics for me. They can be “played and flirted” with through a variety of application methods.

Loose shadows both frighten and beckon beginners at the same time. They want to learn how to handle them. It is understandable when you see such beauty that only they are capable of.

I will show the makeup using the example of loose eyeshadow brand Tammy Tanuka SIGIL inspired: “Huntress on the Golden Dragon” and “Guardian of the Sunset”. You can read the review at this link.

Eye makeup with loose shadows

How to do eye makeup with loose eyeshadow

Loose eyeshadows love eyeliners. Using them instead of a base under the shadow, you achieve the best result: clean shading, adjusted shape, beautiful pigment drawing.

Therefore, I recommend using it in order to reveal the beauty of loose shadows. To do this, you need to take a pencil and a flat brush. Then determine the shape and direction of the shading. Today I decided to go a non-standard way and chose a kind of wing pattern.

Eye makeup with loose shadows

If this drawing seemed boring and too obvious to you, then for you I prepared the second option, where I applied loose tammi Tanuka shadows “Hiding in Algae” on the entire movable eyelid.

I used the same pencil as in the first version, applying it to the crease of the eyelid. Now the drawing has become much more interesting and unusual than the first one.

Eye makeup with loose shadows

Pay attention to what overflows and nuances are hidden in the friable shadows. – What about the shadows? – you ask. They are also capable of this, but not all. The shimmer inherent in pigments is different from the shimmers in regular shadows. If you are ready to argue with this, I will forgive in the comments!) I am in favor of the dialogue.

Tammy Tanuka Sigil inspired Makeup