18 August 2021

How to apply a thick foundation

Everyone who has problem skin sooner or later asks the question: how to apply a dense foundation.

As you remember from the article “Types of foundation”, thick foundation is a foundation that belongs to the category “Full coverage”. If you go to the American Sephora website, you can choose a tone by type of coverage: Light Coverage, Medium Coverage, Full Coverage.

Many people do not go into these details, which is why they buy a foundation from the “Full Coverage” category and write angry reviews: a cream with the effect of a mask on the face!

What do you want? Basis fell into this category for a reason. Produce specifically indicates the type of tone that can be found in the description for the cream or directly on the jar.

Let’s say you bought a thick foundation not by mistake and knew exactly what you wanted from it: covering all skin imperfections. But no one told you how to apply a dense foundation. Moreover, there are no requests on this topic on the Internet, and makeup artists do not like to share such information openly. And it hurts me to see girls with problem skin who have no one to tell how to properly apply a dense foundation.


Features of applying a dense foundation

If you thought that the ideal coverage is subject only to makeup artists, you are wrong. All the steps for applying the cream are so simple and primitive that you will be pleasantly surprised!

The dense foundation has not only a viscous texture, but also durability. You can see the “24-hour” numbers on the cream jar and believe them, because 90% is true.

This is where the difficulties begin. You will not be able to apply a dense tone with your hands. If you want to, you cannot cope with a perfectly even coating due to the thick and highly pigmented consistency. Makeup artists do not even cope with dense foundations, applying them with their hands.

Brushes are what I need! – you thought, and almost turned out to be right.

We only need a tone brush to apply the cream, not to blend it. With its help, we collect the base and apply only to one specific area. Forget videos from youtuba, when a blogger applies a thick foundation all over the face at once. It won’t work.

How to apply foundation correctly

How to apply a thick foundation

The dense foundation sets very quickly, it sets in the very moment you apply it. And when it comes to feathering, there will be problems with uneven coverage.

How to apply a thick foundation

Therefore, we apply the tonal base first on one area – the lower part of the face, then on the other – the chin, then – the nose and finally – the forehead. You can change the sequence, it doesn’t matter, the main thing is to apply a dense tone locally and blend it immediately.


And I can’t imagine the stage of shading a dense tone without a wet beauty blender. With all his love to “eat” the tone, the sponge will not be able to deprive the truly dense base of the pigment. It is there in such quantity that it is enough to mask all problem areas.

How to apply a thick foundation

The principle of applying a thick foundation

  • Distribute the tone with a brush, selecting a specific area
  • Blending with a beauty blender
  • Go to the next section and do the same.

How to apply a thick foundation

Agree, everything is very simple, that perhaps some of you purely intuitively followed these steps, and if not, then try it! The result should please you. Especially after my demo in which I used the most dense Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation.

Another life hack is to use a dense base instead of a concealer, the main thing is that its shade neutralizes the color problem, which I described in detail in the article “Face concealer – types, how to use it correctly, what to apply”.

Under eye circles disguise

In general, I’m waiting for you to try this simple technique, so that later I will hear your opinion on it.