18 August 2021

Still not sure how to choose a highlighter and are embarrassed to ask me? Then I come to you with my knowledge of how to choose a highlighter for the face.

The highlighter is a very cool product if you made the right choice. Then he is on your side – he will create a beautiful glowing “from the inside” skin, as makeup artists like to say.

Today it is very easy to make a mistake with a choice, because it scares, especially, a beginner.

If you missed the mega-useful post “Highlighter – what is it, for what, how and where to apply”, I recommend refreshing your knowledge and returning with it to today’s topic.

Different types of highlighters, which I talked about back in 2013 – “Highlighter – all types, features and application rules” – make you think about one question: how to choose them?

How to choose a highlighter for your face

How to choose a highlighter for your face

Makeup @olgablikmua

In fact, the answer lies on the surface: the highlighter is chosen according to the type of skin and only according to it.

Don’t make the mistake of buying a particular type of highlighter just because you like the way it looks on a magazine model. Let’s say you don’t read them – these magazines, but you often sit on social networks, where there are also a lot of examples with a type of “cool” highlighter on your face.

In fact, the secret to a cool looking highlighter is in skin condition. Whoever has it better won the Best Radiant Skin competition.

How to choose a highlighter for your skin type

How to choose a highlighter for your face

Makeup @olgablikmua

Which highlighter to choose for dry and aging skin

Dry and aging skin types will prefer a liquid highlighter. Firstly, you can always add it to the tone, thereby controlling the degree of radiance, and secondly, the consistency will not allow to emphasize flaking and wrinkles.

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Let’s say you don’t like liquid highlighters simply because it is difficult with them: applying, mixing, kneading – all this is the fate of a makeup artist, but you need it quickly and beautifully. Then look towards the cream highlighters. There are plenty of them now in different formats: in jars, in sets with blush, in a stick.

Highlighter for oily and combination skin

Oily and combination skin type – one of the difficult types seen in enlarged pores, which can emphasize absolutely any kind of highlighter. But this does not mean that you can put an end to it.

I have great news for you – to use “not to highlighter”, namely powder-highlighter. It will blend in with the foundation and will not look foreign.


I have devoted separate articles to this type of highlighter:

  • By the way, a highlighter powder is also suitable for dry skin, if it is not catastrophically dry and does not require exclusively creamy products.

So, your skin type answers the question of how to choose a highlighter. Remember that the choice of any skin product depends only on this parameter. Whether it’s a primer or foundation, no good purchase will happen without taking into account your skin type. Therefore, I strongly recommend paying attention only to her when the question concerns the choice of cosmetics for the face.