18 August 2021

How to draw arrows: how to draw arrows

If I weren’t a makeup artist, who would have told you the very secrets that answer one simple question “how to draw arrows”. Perhaps this is the reason for the growth of blog statistics, when every year there are more and more of you! Well, this is no longer about makeup, but about numbers. Let’s get down to business!

1. “Stretch my eyelids”

How to draw arrows: how to draw arrows

This is a very important step, as consistency is important here. Beginners stretch their eyelids when drawing an arrow from scratch. In this case, the following happens: you stretch the skin, draw a perfect line, let go of the skin and … the arrow is out of place.

  • What make-up artists do: they outline the lines with open eyes and only then pull the eyelid in order to evenly fill the eyeliner with the arrow.

2. Wet me!

How to draw arrows: how to draw arrows

Gel eyeliner Is one of the favorite products in a makeup artist’s case. But everyone knows how “tight” it can be after a couple of weeks, read not plastic.

  • What make-up artists do: Wet the brush. This softens the texture of the liner and makes it more pliable. Just don’t confuse a wet brush with a wet one! To do this, wet the brush and blot gently with a napkin that will absorb excess water.

3. Two eyes see better than one

How to draw arrows: how to draw arrows

Do not paint one eye first and then the other. I conducted an experiment and set myself two different tasks: draw arrows in both eyes at once and separately.

  • What do you think? When I drew the arrows at the same time, they were always symmetrical.

4. “Sliding gait”

How to draw arrows: how to draw arrows

Drawing arrows on the “naked” eyelid is not an easy task, especially when aging skin or eyeliner is tight in consistency.

  • Lightly tint the eyes and the eyeliner will glide over the eyelid. The brush will not cling and pull the skin with it. The lines will turn out to be smooth and beautiful.

5. Challenge: not a day without arrows

How to draw arrows: how to draw arrows

All makeup artists will agree with me that without practice, you will never learn how to draw arrows.

  • Set yourself a goal in the New Year – draw arrows for the month! You will see, the arrows of your dreams will cease to be a dream.

So, to be able to draw arrows means to make efforts and analyze your actions.… I am against thoughtless makeup. Yes, for some, makeup is just a hobby, but why not approach it a little more consciously? Then you will succeed!