How to make an even complexion in a minute: 4 life hacks of makeup artists


How to make an even complexion

How to make an even complexion in a minute? Is this even possible? One of the clients asked me. It’s even possible if you know a couple of life hacks.

An even face tone in a minute is a reality for those who have nothing to hide.

Problem skin requires careful preparation to eliminate imperfections. But when you want to achieve the effect “my skin, but only better” or as makeup artists like to say “the effect of a second skin”, then the following life hacks are the entrance.

First life hack

How to make an even complexion

Use makeup base or light whey.

Face cream is great, but it takes longer to be absorbed. And if you applied a thick layer of cream that remained on the surface of the skin, then do not be surprised at the conflict with the foundation. Therefore, I am for makeup baseswhen it comes to express makeup.

Second life hack

How to apply foundation evenly

Apply foundation with a sponge

Who doesn’t love sponges? We’ll have to love. Thanks to him, you can apply tone as quickly as possible.

But not without the use of a brush. You will need it to distribute the tone, but not blend it. We give this part to a wet beauty blender, after blotting it with a dry towel. Too wet “testicle” will ruin our task of making an even face tone in a minute. We look at the step-by-step application scheme here

Third life hack

How to apply foundation evenly

Give preference to light textures of foundations

Working with light creams will make it much easier to apply tone. They are distinguished by their consistency: fluid liquid.

Thanks to the water base, the drop literally flows down the hand, and does not remain in its place. You can apply such a tone in a matter of minutes with anything: with your hands, with a brush or with a beauty blender.

Fourth life hack

How to make an even complexion

Spot use of concealer without foundation on the face

One of the favorite ways of makeup artists at fashion shows

I don’t know why, but the stereotype that where there is concealer there must be a tone, it still lives on. In fact, you can only use concealer and the dream that your skin remains yours, but only better – it will become a reality.

What methods of applying foundation do you use to achieve an even complexion in one minute?