I want to cut my bangs, but I’m afraid: how to get rid of fear


I want to cut my bangs

How often have you had doubts about “I want to cut my bangs, but I’m afraid”? Here is me – often! So much so that I even get tired of thinking about it and decide to take this step, which I will soon regret …

Reasons to cut your bangs

Long hair

I have it for the reason – a large and high forehead. Everyone says: its size needs to be hidden under thick bangs, there is no other way! Is this a stereotype? What else.

Over the years, I realized that not everyone suits bangs, even those with a large forehead. Without taking into account the oval of the face, the structure of the hair and other indicators that are not taken into account, they can play a cruel joke with you.

For example, I have thick but fine hair. A week after the haircut, the bangs cease to lie beautifully. I don’t know how to describe her behavior, but her appearance is far from the concept of “bangs of my dreams.”

Cut bangs or not cut

I want to cut my bangs

The easiest way to make this tough decision is to try on bangs!

If I were a hairdresser, I would buy false bangs to offer to my clients who are tormented by doubts. This is an ideal way out for the master – he relieves himself of responsibility for the client’s decision, and, for the client, he has an idea of ​​how it will be here and now, and not in his head.

Unfortunately, we present the image with bangs differently, it seems to us how cool it will lie day after day, without requiring any effort. In reality, you need to monitor, trim, correct and wash your hair more often, because with it your hair gets dirty faster!

Why I don’t want to cut my bangs anymore


So, I decided to buy a false bang and use it from time to time in my looks. With her, I quickly remember what it is like to “wear” a bang and after a couple of hours I get rid of it with great relief.

Cons of bangs

  • The need to keep fit
  • Trim regularly
  • Keep your bangs clean
  • The inability to radically change the image
  • Discomfort when bangs get into the eyes

I want to cut my bangs

Unfortunately, after a while all this is forgotten. And the thought “I want to cut my bangs” comes back to me as if nothing had happened. Therefore, this will be the first blog post I wrote for myself, as a reminder to never cut my bangs.