International Blog Day: My Story


International Blog Day

My blog is exactly 9 years old! – I decided to remind you of this today, on International Blog Day. I am writing, but I myself do not believe in this figure. For exactly so many years I have been pressing the keys that I already know by heart. Distract me from the keyboard and I’ll finish typing the phrase without looking, my fingers remember the location of the letters.

The other day I was remembering my childhood. I was 6 years old. Mom then worked as an accountant. At home we had a real typewriter, where we had to carefully insert the sheets. I really loved doing this pointless occupation – typing “scribbles”. Then I realized that you can not only draw them.

Surprisingly, my mother allowed me to get the sheets dirty, despite their value at the time. At my first request, she took the typewriter out of the closet. There was a knock on the whole apartment, that I still can’t figure out what I liked more then – the sounds that the machine made or the letters appearing out of nowhere. Maybe both.

Now I return to the topic of blogging for 9 years and find a connection between these two events. Without that typewriter, mom’s permission and my scribbles, would there be a blog?

I still love typing and enjoy doing it. I enjoy sharing my thoughts on paper. They are more interesting than those that I voice in life simply because I have time to think, correct, edit …

International Blog Day

In general, this whole post is to ensure that we little ones are not forbidden to do what the soul strives for. We can’t explain a lot when we are 6 years old. But as you can see, this can lead to interesting results.

For 9 years, I have had a difficult relationship with the blog: from love to hate. My favorite period is the beginning. You are in love with him, you don’t notice the number of views, you don’t count the visitors, you just write because you like it!

And after just a couple of years you begin to expect something from him. You want more attention from readers. The previous figures are not encouraging.

I give you all my time, but what are you to me? I asked him. And he was silent.


For a while, you decide to leave him alone. Let him think about his bad behavior! – I think, and absolutely in vain, but I will understand this years later.

And upon returning, the articles become “dry” and insipid. Some people notice these changes and let me know about it in the comments – unsubscribe!

I get even more angry and move with him to a new stage of the relationship: creative. I stop looking at statistics, don’t pay attention to the number of views and do whatever I want!

The appearance of freedom is just an appearance, when you try to demonstrate it with your whole appearance without feeling real inner freedom. And I still, on a subconscious level, still expect something from the blog.

International Blog Day

And only years later, I found complete understanding with him. The fulcrum is meaningful articles with their “I”. So I returned to the basics, to 25-year-old Olya, who was in a state of flux and wrote simply because she liked it.