18 August 2021

 Luminizer liquid Luxvisage Glow touch # 101

I know how much you love budget finds. And the Luxvisage Glow touch liquid luminizer is one of those!

 Luminizer liquid Luxvisage Glow touch # 101

Honestly, not bad!

  • Glitter, though present, is not readable on the face. The shine is neat.
  • Universal shade – 101 pink glow. There is one more – 102 beige glow, but I did not find it in stock.
  • The sponge is easy to apply. I put dots with them, and with my fingers I shade the highlighter.
  • The texture is creamy, quickly hardens and sets.

And yes, remember that we apply liquid highlighters on top of foundation, not powder, which I talked about in detail. here

 Luminizer liquid Luxvisage Glow touch # 101

For 250 rubles, we get 5 grams of radiance. What is not a budget option for you ?!

You can try it only for those who have not used luxury highlighters. They are beyond competition, as the texture is different, the coating is free of shimmering particles and the “wow” effect.

Therefore, I cannot put Luxvisage Glow touch on a par with expensive analogs, but in its segment it is one of the best.

 Luminizer liquid Luxvisage Glow touch # 101

Consider this point and do not be fascinated by the affordable price. Don’t expect Luxvisage Glow touch to divide your life into “before” and “after”. It will become different, slightly shimmery and … radiant.

That’s all, this is the end of this review, and who listened, Malandets bravo