Multicolor graphic Smokey Ice – Olga Blik


Multicolor graphic smokey ice

This is another attempt to make you fall in love with the multi-color graphic Smokey Ice. He “drew” so quickly and easily that I did not notice how he turned from ordinary Smoky into complex ones.

No, I don’t ponte, but I say it as it is. There are days when you are rushing and you are subject to makeup of any complexity, and sometimes when elementary arrows do not work out. unknw

Multicolor graphic smokey ice

The main thing is to accept failures with dignity and not let them take over you. Many people take too much to heart what has failed.

You need to understand that this is normal and this happens even with professional makeup artists with many years of experience. Do not think of them as people of the highest race who are never wrong about anything. On the contrary, the more you work as a makeup artist, the more often you try new techniques, which means you make mistakes, otherwise you will not master new skills.

Multicolor graphic smokey ice

Therefore, I am once again making a “pathetic” attempt to convince you that you must always go forward despite all the “speed bumps” pardon

This is me about a painful thing: yesterday I was returning home and in the dark did not see a hillock and stumbled so that I was ready to “kiss” the asphalt, but forces unknown to me saved me from this enchanting fall!)

Multicolor graphic smokey ice

In general, I’m sorry for confused thoughts, but this is exactly what the entry in my diary would be if I had it. I write it as it is and that’s probably why you return to the blog, isn’t it? blush

or just because of the makeup?)

List of used products:


  • Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance