18 August 2021

My first makeup tutorial

How often do you hear the story “It all started with a passion for cosmetics …” from a make-up artist. And why else, obviously not with a passion for higher mathematics, which led you to make-up. Although this also happens, I guess.

I began to get involved in makeup at the age of 7. Mom had a lipstick that never ran out. Therefore, there was a match inside the case, which allowed picking out the remains of the lipstick. I can imagine how crazy it sounds now, when we throw out lipstick just because we didn’t match the color or the texture. Then it was difficult to find a good quality lipstick, but it was a priori good.

My first makeup tutorial

My first makeup tutorial

When mom and dad went to the theater, I knew where the lipstick was and took it out of the nightstand. What a pleasure it was to walk around the apartment for 3 hours with painted lips. This was the very moment when I painted for myself, since no one saw me, only I was in my own reflection. Every five, maybe two minutes, I ran to the mirror and admired the reddening lips. These were the happiest hours spent alone.

Eye makeup

Other happy hours were during weekends that I spent with my grandparents. They lived on another street, literally 2 km from us. And there I had my friends, whose mothers also loved to paint, for example, with green shadows. We painted with them before going out.

My first makeup tutorial

You would know how much effort it took me not to catch my grandmother’s eyes. But it was time for dinner and I, with widened eyes, so that she would not see green shadows with lowered eyes, reeled spoon after spoon so that she would not have time to make out the shadows. But something was clearly wrong with my expression, which made her look at it even more closely. And as soon as she noticed the moving eyelid painted over in green, she sent it to the bathroom: Olga, come on, go and wash yourself!

I washed it off without regret, because I knew that after lunch in the yard we would have a second makeup lesson, “make-up artist himself.” We were rescued by cherry trees that hid our underground activities. She is also a cherry, helped to complement the image. We tried to squeeze the pigment out of the berries as much as possible so that it painted on the lips and cheeks, but the cherries only ate well. There were clearly problems with pigmentation; lipstick made from natural ingredients required serious work.


My first manicure

The final part was a manicure made of Kosmey petals. They grew everywhere, and every time I passed by, I changed the color of the manicure. It was enough to moisten the petals, as they stuck to the nail plate and lasted until the first gust of wind. That’s when I felt like the queen of our court among the same queens as me. After all, we visited the same “beauty salon” for the cherry trees.

My first time

I know that the article requires the designation +30, since those who have not seen these “wild”, but the most naive times will not understand all the “horror” that happened to us in childhood.

Now I am 34, and I remember everything like yesterday, so strong were the memories of my first makeup lessons.

What was your first lesson, admit it?)