Natasha Denona Lip-Oh Phoria Gloss & Balm


Natasha Denona Lip-Oh Phoria Gloss & Balm

When asked whether to start with good news or bad news, what do you choose? I decided to make the choice for you and start with the bad part of the Natasha Denona The Bronze Collection. It’s about Natasha Denona Lip-Oh Phoria Gloss & Balm Collection.

It’s amazing how a product as simple as lip gloss can be “cooked” in many different ways. Each Natasha Denona Lip-Oh Phoria Gloss & Balm has its own flaws, some of which are related to color.

Yes, yes, the first thing I always pay attention to when choosing a gloss is its color. You need to be extremely careful with light shades. They can set you up so seriously that goodbye, a few hundred rubles.

Description Natasha Denona Lip-Oh Phoria Gloss & Balm

Natasha Denona Lip-Oh Phoria Gloss & Balm

Of the three glitters, only one I can classify as suitable for use, namely “Caramel”.

It looks good on the lips, coloring them in the color of toffee. An unusual shade for shine is unlikely to find an army of fans, and if it does, it will pay off with a glossy coating with moisturizing properties.

The other two shades “Tan Nude” and “Chestnut” are a complete disappointment. The one that the light one lays down so unevenly that I want to punish him for bad behavior, but has not yet figured out how. It is noticeable in the folds that you want to expel it from there.

A darker color than Chestnut is my pain. Balder it still needs to be looked for. Glitter is impossible to wear solo. The shade is heterogeneous, lays down in spots, at random. The only way out is to apply over a dark lipstick as a top coat.


Left to Right: Natasha Denona Lip-Oh Phoria Gloss & Balm – Tan Nude, Caramel, Chestnut

Natasha Denona Lip-Oh Phoria Gloss & Balm

The result of using Natasha Denona lip balm

By the way, I did not understand about the qualities of the balm. Apart from the refreshing effect due to the presence of peppermint oil in the composition, I did not feel anything. And the promise that he is able to curb peeling, I consider a strong exaggeration.

I don’t argue about moisturizing, however, what kind of lip gloss do you know that would not moisturize them? In general, the properties of the balm are in question …

Another disadvantage of the Lip-Oh Phoria Gloss & Balm is the applicator. I would never have thought that I would have to scold Natasha Denona for such a significant trifle. Its problem is that it is inflexible and rectangular. Personally, I find it inconvenient to paint my lips, especially the contour.

Natasha Denona Lip-Oh Phoria Gloss & Balm Collection is the worst story in The Bronze collection. There is clearly something wrong with them. Natasha Denona’s desire to preserve the properties of shine, making it a balm, played a cruel joke that, in the end, it was not up to shine and not up to balm.