Natasha Denona The Bronze Collection – First Impression


Natasha Denona The Bronze Collection

Bronze palette “Natasha Denona Bronze Eyeshadow Palette”, like the entire collection “Natasha Denona The Bronze Collection” did not resonate in my soul due to the overabundance of bronze colors in 2020.

Now they are everywhere, that every second brand makes us love this palette no matter what. What is the reason for the popularity of bronze collections? At the time of the year. When summer comes, a tan comes with it. Even if you stayed in the city, believe me, he will find time to “stick” to you)).

Collection Desc Natasha Denona The Bronze Collection

Natasha Denona The Bronze Collection

A light tan is enough for the skin to change from a cold tone to a warm one. And then bronze collections are used, such as Natasha Denona The Bronze Collection, where the task of each shade is to emphasize the tan color and complement, not deprive the image of harmony.

Natasha Denona The Bronze Collection

The collection “Natasha Denona The Bronze Collection” came to me at the beginning of the week thanks to Qwintry. Once again, they helped me out and sent a package from the States in a matter of days.

Now I sit and stare at all this beauty in fear of disappointment. What if the quality is not right, the palette is not the same or the whole collection is about nothing … But you will learn about all this from the next reviews. And today I want to show you the collection in all its glory.

Natasha Denona Bronze Eyeshadow Palette Summer 2020

Natasha Denona Bronze Eyeshadow Palette

All shades and formulas are designed by hand by makeup artist Natasha Denona. Inside, an innovative eye shadow with an oily texture and a nurturing moisturizing formula.

Natasha Denona Bronze Eyeshadow Palette

Pay attention to the complex and multifaceted colors of the palette: yellow-brown, brown-eggplant, warm purple with a silvery sheen, burnt amber with a slight bronze sheen, red-pink with a golden-green sheen … Let’s see how they unfold in eye makeup.

Natasha Denona Bronze Cheek Face Glow Palette

Cheek face glow

This is not my first palette for the face, which will complement the collection of past issues. There are three types of product in it: blush, bronzer and two highlighters.

Difference from previous versions in the innovative formula “Bounce Cream”. Can’t wait to try it, to tell you about it without any fools, as it is.

Natasha Denona Lip-Oh Phoria Gloss & Balm Collection

Lip-Oh Phoria Gloss & Balm

Like the previous version of Lip-Oh Phoria, it aims to restore dry and chapped lips. Emollient esters create a comfortable environment for them.

The balm is infused with high quality pure color pigments that color the lips. The formula is enriched with moisturizing and revitalizing ingredients that stimulate collagen production for fuller, fuller lips.


Natasha Denona’s summer collection The Bronze Collection turned out to be predictable. It remains to clarify the question of quality: is it still predictably good or Natasha Denona is not the same …